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S’more’s Birthday!

It’s Smore’s Birthday Weekend! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s my birthday this weekend, and I am ready to have s’more fun! It’s going to be E P I C . We would love for you to join us this Friday & Saturday for the party itself, but this is just the kick off […]

S’more Macho

S’more Macho! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s got me feeling s’more macho. Shopping for your chillin’ and grillin’ dad this year? We’ve got just the thing! Follow me, as I explore all the Father’s Day gifts we have in store. For the Record… Dads are […]

S’more Peace

S’more Peace! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Sadly, things are kinda sad this weekend with it being Memorial Day weekend and the recent school shooting in Uvalde. I would love to have something fun and silly to share, but after much thought, I realized that even elves need a time to mourn. Not all […]

S’more Growing Up!

S’more Graduation! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Graduation is right around the corner! Graduation is a stressful but exciting time for the graduates and their family. It’s a time to celebrate their previous achievements and a pivotal transition period in every person’s life. Here’s a few tips from Mrs. C and her elves on […]

S’more Mom’s Favorite!

S’more Mom’s Favorite! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Mother’s Day seems early this year. It’s just around the corner on May 8th. Wanna be s’more mom’s favorite than your brothers and sisters? Then, you should buy her gift at The Christmas Shoppe! We’ve got it all Does your mom love Willow Tree figures? We […]

S'more Adores Moms!

S’more Adores Moms! Hi, all! S’more the elf here! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this S’more certainly adores Moms. So, how about we talk about top Mother’s Day gift picks! There’s more than one way to skin this cat because there are my favorites online, my favorites in store only, your favorites […]

S'more Celebrations

Hello, Fellow Celebration Lovers! Today we are talking all about celebrations! Now, more than ever, the spirit of #celebratealways is important. The whole world is finally taking the time to stop and smell the roses. And for many of us, enjoying the little moments has opened our eyes to the moments we have been missing. […]