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S’more Peace!

Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Sadly, things are kinda sad this weekend with it being Memorial Day weekend and the recent school shooting in Uvalde. I would love to have something fun and silly to share, but after much thought, I realized that even elves need a time to mourn.

Not all is lost, though. So, I am going to be sharing some of my best tips for finding s’more peace in the chaos.

Memorial Day’s history

Memorial Day is a pretty serious holiday, you know. A lot of people celebrate with parades and barbecues, but this special day was created to remember fallen soldiers in the U.S. It started out as a day to honor them by visiting gravesites and cleaning up and decorating cemeteries.

The holiday dates all the way back to shortly after the Civil War. The Civil War is the deadliest war in our nation’s history, with 620,000 or more soldiers to fall in battle.

What makes this weekend even more sad, is the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Tx. Everyone is dealing with the shock and grief over the death of 19 elementary school children and 2 teachers, especially because school shootings are just too common here in the U.S. We have more school shootings than any other major industrial country in the world, by a long shot.

However, we can find s’more peace

All the chaos can seem overwhelming, but there are ways we can find s’more peace. I’m just a little elf. I can’t do much to change the world, but I can focus on what I can do, which is sharing my tips for finding peace.

  • Seek out the God of Peace – The Bible says that God is our rock and fortress, our shield and our strength. We can run to Him with anything that troubles us, big and small. I hope that is the first place you run.
  • Look for the helpers – This is an old Fred Rogers quote, and it is completely true. God is always acting through everyday people to fight back the chaos, and we can see it most quickly when we look for the helpers.
  • Do what you can do to make the world a better place in the future. This is why we were created! We were created by God to help care for the earth and help Him redeem the planet.
    • Donate blood – any time there is an emergency like this, the hospitals use lots of their blood supplies to help those who are injured. I HATE GIVING BLOOD! But, you know what? I’m gonna, and I’m gonna do it every chance I get from now on because it could save someone.
    • Pray – this brings the situation in front of the One who can fix the situation best, and He can guide you and comfort you while you pray.
    • Vote – there are lots of opinions about how our government should handle the situation. I am not here to share my political views, but if you have an opinion about how the government should act, you should vote to make sure your opinion is heard.
    • Love others – this means everyone. Try your best to always be loving, encouraging, and supportive of every person you meet. This can be a smile to a stranger or being a listening ear to someone or (and this is hard) choosing to not post things online or use bumper stickers that hurt rather than heal. We don’t always agree with everyone, but we will not change their opinion by insulting someone who we don’t know well. It doesn’t even work with people we know well. It’s not our job to fix others. That’s God’s job. We just love others.
    • In the words of Michael Jackson, take a look at yourself and make a change – God says we should consider our ways. Sometimes we carry old ideas around, but just because we think something doesn’t mean it’s right. When we realize that, we can change our mind for the better.
      • For some, this might mean volunteering more with a ministry involved with mental illness or cycles of abuse.
      • Others might decide to donate money toward a similar ministry.
      • For some, this might mean disposing of unnecessary weapons or storing them more securely because they could end up in the wrong hands. It’s a hard thing, but you “can do all things through Christ who gives [you] strength.”

Cross & Card Donation

In light of the tragic events in Uvalde, Joli Boutique and the rest of the Boerne Retailers want to begin gathering crosses and cards with words of prayer and encouragement to be sent to our brothers and sisters in the Uvalde Community. We want these crosses and cards to act as a physical symbol for all of the outpouring love that our nation is showing them at this time through prayer.

Please bring your cross and card donations to JOLI BOUTIQUE 189 S. Main St. Boerne, Tx 78006 during regular business hours from now until June 1st. You can, also, opt to bring them to The Christmas Shoppe by the end of the day on May 31st, and we will bring them to Joli Boutique the following day.

Another small thing we are doing…

It’s a hard week. We want to bring a smile and a little s’more peace. Anyone who makes a purchase or a cross or card donation this weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) will receive a free gift at the register.

We will, also, be serving cookies and Mulled Cider Punch.

If you would like to read s’more on this topic, check out one of my older blogs: S’more Coziness.

S’more Updates!

Here’s what’s been happening in store that you may have missed. Sorry, some got missed in my last blog. So, I am filling you in with a little extra awesomeness.

Just noticed some eyes peeking out of one of our mugs. ?

? It’s one of our wee sloth stuffed animals. These little cuties are baby safe and made completely from recycled plastic bottles. Plus, they apparently pair well with mugs.

? smh, Celery, you have dishonored the family!

Just kidding, celery! I love you… with peanut butter. ?

Sundays are for being a couch potato, but tomorrow’s Monday! Go out and try like a potato tries!

~ S’more Elf

When you get home from work, tired, cranky, have to make dinner, the kitchen is a mess, but…

Jesus loves you AND it’s Taco Tuesday. ?

I’m having my tacos with wine. ??


And, I can totally post this because Momma Elf and Mrs C laughed and told me they weren’t offended. ?


Kid reviews are the BEST reviews!

If your kid has a review of our store, we would love to know about it!

You can post their reviews on all the normal platforms, like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Just be sure to share the kid’s first name and age.


? Our German Nutcracker from Jim Shore is back in stock! As are a few other Jim Shore figures.

Go check them out!

We’re open today….

Come check us out!

Open Sundays noon to 6 and Monday through Saturdays 10am to 6pm.

? I mean, c’mon! Everyone knows you are awesome.

And, if you believe in God, you are really rocking!

@smore_elf of @thechristmasshoppeboerne

We’re counting down to Christmas on social media with photos from the past. This closeup of one of our beautiful snow globes is courtesy of Shawna Holly. ❤️



“But that’s just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser at The Christmas Shoppe.

Happy World Baking Day!

What is the one cooking/baking ingredient you can’t live without? Please, share in the comments!

For Mrs. C, it’s Mexican Vanilla and cinnamon. She puts both in everything, except that one time she didn’t label her spices and used cumin instead. ?

Of course, as the towel suggests, prayer is really important. Love the towel? Find it in our online store:

Want a recipe to try? Check out our faves here:

S’more Elf is // r e a l l y // enjoying our new Alice in Wonderland themed tree…

We hope the Queen of Hearts doesn’t mind.

Hopefully he won’t lose his head over it.

Let’s hear it for Dad!

We know. It’s hard to find a good Father’s Day gift, but we are here to help. Check out our Father’s Day table when you come in. It’s full of our best ideas for gifts.

This just in… socks for your tequila bottles… ? Because it’s Mexico somewhere!


Well, if this isn’t the best thing ever.

Our new spoon rests and candles are pretty and dainty for an airy cottage kitchen look. They say good morning with sass.

Come check them out! We are open today and every day*!

*Except Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day ????


Father’s Day is June 19th.

Follow us for more parenting advice.

Boerne did it again. Our beloved hometown made the Southern Living “Best Small Towns in Texas” list. ? Boerne is consistently recognized for it’s small town charm and overall uniqueness. We can’t think of a better place to call Home. ? Read the full article at

Because even spatulas should be fun.

Find all the fun at The Christmas Shoppe!

Safety first!

This message has been approved by Santa.

The Boerne Police Department shared: You’ve heard us say it before – safety starts with each member of the community. Returning this summer is our Safety Town program geared for kiddos entering kindergarten. This annual week-long summer program teaches kids about various safety topics and allows them to interact with public safety officials in a positive and fun learning environment.
Plan now, this year’s program will be held from July 11 to 15 from 9-11 a.m. Registration is now open to the public.

Sundays are for baking… and singing!

Our confetti sprinkle spatulas are da tannen-bomb! Like my vocal skills

Sunday snacking vibes with S’more the Elf!

Just know, we appreciate you.

? (((hugs)))

Thank you, Mindful Christianity, for the reminder.

Hope your week has been no prob-llama!

? This is a nutcracker, by the way.

Heyyyy! Check out our new patriotic window! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!!! ??

I hope I’ve helped prepare you to find s’more peace in the middle of all this tragedy. The fact that Memorial Day is a holiday is evidence that we can “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16).



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