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S’more Peace

S’more Peace! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Sadly, things are kinda sad this weekend with it being Memorial Day weekend and the recent school shooting in Uvalde. I would love to have something fun and silly to share, but after much thought, I realized that even elves need a time to mourn. Not all […]

S’more Growing Up!

S’more Graduation! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Graduation is right around the corner! Graduation is a stressful but exciting time for the graduates and their family. It’s a time to celebrate their previous achievements and a pivotal transition period in every person’s life. Here’s a few tips from Mrs. C and her elves on […]

S'more Summer 2020

Hello, Fellow SUMMER Lovers! Why did The Sun go to school? …to get brighter! I have been to Elf School & even honorary classes at Hogwarts but nothing compares to the congrats that students of all ages deserve for succeeding despite the challenges of 2020. (& A BIG APPLAUSE to the parents and teachers!) CONGRATS […]

Rafael's Blog

Rafael’s Blog: Graduation!Memorial Day is just passed, summer is here, and young graduates are entering adulthood…