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Hello, Fellow SUMMER Lovers!

Why did The Sun go to school? …to get brighter!

I have been to Elf School & even honorary classes at Hogwarts but nothing compares to the congrats that students of all ages deserve for succeeding despite the challenges of 2020. (& A BIG APPLAUSE to the parents and teachers!)

CONGRATS – Local Boerne Graduates!

We are honored to help you congratulate the graduates in your life, too!
We have a great graduation ornament that can be personalized HERE. 
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to give a graduate. Something to encourage, something to inspire… something they’ll like. The Christmas Shoppe has a few graduate gifts and cards to choose from (not just the ornament pictured.)
Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that communicate a sentiment or a memory. These graduates are truly entering adulthood. So, a Bible would be great to prepare them for the future, but a framed picture would be great to help them hold onto the past. No matter where your graduate is headed, we are happy to help you celebrate.
DatedPersonalizableMusical Instrument Ornaments are all a great choice for grad gifts.
Willow Tree & Gift Certificates are great gifts for parents & teachers.

Boerne ISD Graduation Hub has more information on viewing the ceremonies remote.

This summer, let’s take a moment to unwind

Remember to “SQUEEZE THE DAY”

The past few months have been a whirlwind, among many other things. ORANGE you glad that the world is able to start PEELING a little better? Now we encourage everyone to take things slow, and of course, take venturing into the world at a pace that feels comfortable to YOU! We CHERRY-ish your business, and that’s why we have a PEAR-fect balance of in-store and contactless shopping options! So GRAPE-ful for you! Tee-hee! 😉
In all seriousness, we have been going down a digital road lately. Indeed we are all thankful that we are able to utilize our devices. I still want to encourage everyone to disconnect from the screens a bit. Designate a place, like an empty bowl, to put phones in for an hour or so while you try these [old-fashioned] activities outside and enjoy a bit of sunshine. (I think I’m showing my age, LOL!)

  • Sidewalk Chalk: You wont need to wait for Santa to bring it, find chalk at basically every store or have it shipped to your home.
  • Water Balloons: Just pick em up after the fun – another 20 mins of entertaining the kiddos – ha!
  • Reading a book: Nothing like reading a loud as a family, or enjoying some quiet time to yourself. – Bonus points for acting out a story like a play!

Hope these ideas help you to “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16).
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