Established in 1996, with a second-generation family tradition of bringing Christmas joy to our customers.


Elf Emily

The proud Head Elf of The Christmas Shoppe, Emily began her holiday-centered career one bustling, magical Dickens night in 2003 as a part-time elf for Michael & Shedell Giddens, the original owners.  Emily knew by the end of that evening that she had found her calling.

Since then, she has worked among several of the local shops in downtown Boerne, but maintained a strong desire to become a walking example of Mrs. Claus.  When Michael & Shedell approached Emily about their desire to retire and place the shop in her glittery hands, Emily was overjoyed!

Now you can find Emily at The Christmas Shoppe almost everyday, where she will be happy to help you create an amazing holiday for your family to cherish.


Elf Tony

If somebody had told Tony thirty, twenty, or five years ago he’d someday be helping his lovely wife run a Christmas shop in Boerne, he probably wouldn’t have believed him.  “‘Ever since I could make monkey sounds,’ as my parents like to say, I’ve been into marine biology and dogs, but, as is so often the case, God had other plans. Bigger and better ones,” says Tony.

More often than not, he’ll be wearing his favorite Santa hat (the one Emily gave him for Christmas back when they were dating), but he hopes to find more opportunities and random excuses to don his captain’s hat and the rest of his piratey garb to help spread awareness of one of his very favorite holidays, International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Tony sees The Christmas Shoppe as a tremendous blessing and hopes to help “keep ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas,’ and every other holiday, and every day in between.”


S’more the elf on the shelf began his illustrious career at The Christmas Shoppe one beautiful summer day. Much like other scout elves, he came to life only once he was named. Kids from all over Boerne entered their suggestions for his name, and we drew one at random.

This name suits him well because he is sweet. Since he came to life, S’more has taken over the important job of Surveillance Officer (watching everyone to be sure they are being good) and Blogster Extraordinaire.

S’more loves to share stories, tips, recipes, and odd bits of information he’s picked up around town. He may also throw in an occasional coupon for his closest friends!

Sign up for his blog HERE.


Meet Sheri!

Sheri has been working with us for about a year now, and we are constantly reminded of how caring and loving we should all be when we are around her. Sheri is super observant of the needs and cares in the people, animals, and even plants around her.
Yes, without her, our potted plant out front would be dead for sure.
Sheri’s observant eyes notice all the little things that need doing around the store. So, she helps with our reordering process in a valuable way.
Being a mother and grandmother to girls, she has lots of great ideas for gifts and celebrations with little girls.
This sweet lady is so loving. Be sure to drop by soon to meet her!


Meet Yulie! (Like Julie, but with a Y)

Yuliana is our most senior elf on staff (in experience, not age). She began her career at The Christmas Shoppe a handful of years ago during our busy Christmas season and has made herself indispensable.

She shines at decorating trees, especially. So, if you are planning to redo the look of your tree, she is the one to ask. Many of the themed trees around the store are the result of her hard work.
She’s, also, a local to Boerne, living here since her childhood. So, she has lots of good recommendations of fun things to do around town. Yuliana is attending online courses to establish a career in the medical field when she isn’t working at The Christmas Shoppe.
We couldn’t be more proud to have this beautiful, fun, and talented young lady at The Christmas Shoppe.