S’more Very Merry

S’more Very Merry Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! All of the elves at The Christmas Shoppe wish you s’more very merry of a Christmas this year. We truly appreciate you, your friendship, and your patronage this year. Occasionally we hear rumors of businesses that are struggling or closing or possible economic DOOM in the […]

S’more Decorating Magic: Bow Making!

S’more Decorating Magic! Bow Making 101 Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! S’more the elf here with just the thing to make your Christmas magical… a BIG CHRISTMAS BOW! We have some how-to tips for s’more decorating magic with bow making! As you can see, I am a bit tied up at the moment. So, […]

S’more Thankful!

Hoping your Thanksgiving is s’more thankful, grateful, and blessed! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Christmas loving friends! I hope is s’more thankful, s’more grateful, and s’more blessed. As you can imagine, there is a lot going on this week to get ready for our last little push for the holidays. So, we just wanted to […]

S’more Decorating Magic: Santa’s Workshop Tree!

S’more Decorating Magic! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! We’ve been working our little elf-y tails off to get s’more decorating magic finished in time for you to start your decorating magic at home. So, while I do some restocking from last night’s Diva Night, Mrs. C. is going to take over and give some […]

S’more Tube!

S’more Tube! Hello, all my Christmas (and Halloween) loving friends! You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to! I made my own YouTube channel. Let’s call it S’more Tube, shall we? Let’s do. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting videos regularly on Facebook and Instagram. I even share them in my blogs at […]

2022 Kneeling Santa Tree

We just finished ANOTHER tree! It’s inspired by the Kneeling Santa, which you will find in a few different forms around our display. I love the rich, traditional and nature inspired colors and decorations. They’ve been kissed with a touch of glitter to make this tree a showstopper. We wanted this special tree to take […]

S’more Spooky Fun!

S’more Spooky Fun! Hello, all my Christmas (and Halloween) loving friends! It’s October, and you know what that means??? S’more Spooky Fun is in the works! Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year, when all the fun events happen. So, read on to learn what all we have in the works. October […]

2022 Dear Santa Tree

Dear Santa, we can explain! This is the tree that happens when we needed something snarky for Christmas. My favorite parts: The simple, modern look Those plastic books look so pretty! Everything on this tree is so versatile All the funny gifts in and around the tree

S’more Traditions: The Lucky Pig

S’more Traditions: The Lucky Pig Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Gather ’round, kids! I have s’more traditions to tell of oldeee. Today, I have the story of the lucky pig to share with you! As stories tell… According to Old World Christmas (our go-to for all our traditions), Pigs are considered to bring good […]

S’more Covid

S’more Covid Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Well, it happened. Mrs. C. finally caught her first bout of the ‘Rona. That’s right. We are still dealing with s’more covid at The Christmas Shoppe. Having covid now isn’t nearly as bad as it was a year or two ago, but it can still hurt a […]