S’more Covid

S’more Covid Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Well, it happened. Mrs. C. finally caught her first bout of the ‘Rona. That’s right. We are still dealing with s’more covid at The Christmas Shoppe. Having covid now isn’t nearly as bad as it was a year or two ago, but it can still hurt a […]

2022 Celtic Christmas Tree

Happy Friday, all! I hope today brings you joy. If not, I hope our new Celtic Christmas Tree will. Our latest tree is part of this year’s effort to “celebrate always” (I Thessalonians 5:16) by incorporating major holidays into several of our “Christmas” trees. Our plan is that this green and gold tree will transition […]

S’more Family Time

S’more Family Time Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Well, you know what time of year it is. Mom and Dad don’t need to wait for school to start again. In fact, now the grownups may be wishing for s’more family time. Well, I am here to help! The best way to work s’more family […]

S’more Halloween History

S’more Halloween History Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Hello, all my Halloween loving friends! You may not know this, but as soon as school starts, the elves start to think of Halloween. We just put our new Halloween Christmas tree scene in our front window. It’s got a very vintage look, which made me […]

S’more to Teach

S’more to Teach Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Sorry for the delay in posting! Things are crazy right now in the store, but I bet things feel pretty crazy right now for EVERYONE going back to school. That’s why I’ve got s’more to teach about a stress-free school year. First off… First off, I […]

S’more Traditions: For the Birds

S’more Traditions: For the Birds Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared the tradition behind an ornament. So, I have s’more traditions to share with you today. Today, I will be sharing the traditions and legends behind the beloved bird ornaments! Happiness & Joy! One of my favorite ways […]

S’more Christmas in July!

It’s Christmas in July! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s Christmas in July, and I am ready to celebrate s’more. It was just my birthday, but there’s always s’more to celebrate. S’more reasons to shop now! As you may have guessed, it can get pretty slow in a year ’round Christmas shoppe in the […]

2018 Woodland Tree

This Woodland Tree from 2018 is berry-rific (we know) and inspired by woodland cardinals. I absolutely adore trees that are overflowing with floral items, like this. It’s especially beautiful when branches and berries stick out really far from the tree. Check out all our themed trees HERE.

2018 North Pole Express Tree

As we look forward to Christmas 2022, we are looking back to Christmas trees of years past. This tree from 2018 was inspired by… The Polar Express! You have to say it in your best Tom Hanks conductor voice. We call it the North Pole Express Tree!