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2023 Themed Tree Wrap Up with S’more

Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Can you believe how quickly the last year has flown by? I never even got to share all the 2023 Themed Trees with you last year!

Well, there’s no time like the present. So, let’s get cracking!

Speaking of Present…

The first 2023 themed tree for you to see is The Christmas Present Tree.

This tree brings the fun with all our toys and Grinch figures and… my own buddies, Elf on the Shelf!

Read s’more: 2023 Christmas Present Tree – The Christmas Shoppe (

Did I say “Let’s get cracking”???

As in Nutcrackers cracking nuts!

The Sequin Tree was the perfect complement to all the beautiful nutcrackers and ballet ornaments we sell.

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Gnome wonder we love puns…

Maybe there will be a good pun for every themed look!

Of course, this isn’t technically a tree… it’s a garland. But you could totally make a mushroom and gnome themed tree from the decorations on this garland.

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Did you see me in the first picture?

Shhh… That’s because I’m hiding in the Exotic Travels Tree area. It’s s’more like I’m hanging out as one does when one travels. Do you?

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After all that traveling, I need to take a break!

Ahhhh…. This tree looks peaceful. I suppose that’s why we named it The Sanctuary Tree.

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Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

2023 Themed Christmas tree in red velvet and silver tinsel

The Tinsel Christmas Tree is the perfect 2023 Themed Tree if you want a showstopping display.

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If you think tinsel is too messy, you should see our kitchen!

Yup. We made a whole kitchen fit in our front window. It’s not really that messy. In fact, it’s mostly full of sweet candy.

Read about why this 2023 themed tree is called messy here: 2023 Messy Christmas Tree – The Christmas Shoppe (

This tree is just beachy!

Somewhere… beyond the sea… somewhere… waiting for meeeee….

Is a fabulous Christmas tree like this one.

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Wait! What holiday is this!

What year is this? What day is this?

Is it Christmas? Is it Valentine’s Day?

The answer is yes. We created a silly little Valentine tree inspired by Cupid himself to remind you that right after the New Year is Valentine’s Day!

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Okay, now we are just throwing in all the holidays!

It’s Christmas and Day of the Dead! Plus, it’s all groovy like something from the 70s.

Read s’more about our first 2023 Themed Tree to be put on display: 2023 Groovy Day of the Dead Tree – The Christmas Shoppe (

Our Snowy Owl themed tree for 2023 is a winter wonderland of cozy textures, snow, frost, owls, and berries.

Click here to read more: 2023 Snowy Owl Tree – The Christmas Shoppe (

Phew! That was a lot! We hope you feel inspired to “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16) with all our fun themed Christmas trees. I think I forgot a few, too.

Merry Christmas,

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