S’more to Celebrate!


S’more to Celebrate! I’m sure you heard already. This year The Christmas Shoppe has s’more to celebrate because this is our 25th Anniversary! We have so much planned, and I want to invite you to everything! EVERYTHING! Join us… When? September 24th at 1:30pm Where? At our shop at 132 S. Main St, Boerne Texas […]

Chocolate Chip Pizza Cookie

Pizza Cookies

Chocolate Chip Pizza Cookie Recipe! Hello, to all my “Celebrate Always” friends! Are you ready to celebrate National Pizza Party Day and National Chocolate Chip Day? Both fall on Friday, May 15th, this year. And, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by having a Pizza Party with a Chocolate Chip Pizza […]

S'more Countdown

  Hi friends! S’more the Elf here! We have been having a ton fun starting our official Christmas Countdown! In case you missed it, there are ONLY 13 weeks until Christmas! WOW!  If you love yourself a good ole fashioned Advent Calendar, Christmas Countdown AND you loved the silly, riddle I told opening this […]