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S’more’s Birthday!

It’s Smore’s Birthday Weekend! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s my birthday this weekend, and I am ready to have s’more fun! It’s going to be E P I C . We would love for you to join us this Friday & Saturday for the party itself, but this is just the kick off […]

S’more Macho

S’more Macho! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s got me feeling s’more macho. Shopping for your chillin’ and grillin’ dad this year? We’ve got just the thing! Follow me, as I explore all the Father’s Day gifts we have in store. For the Record… Dads are […]

S'more Things To Do With Dad

Hello Fellow Father Lovers! S’more the Elf here! I MOUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION! Do you like my goatee!? 😉 I use Duke Cannon’s Best Damn Beard Oil & well, the name says it all. Perfect for a super cool stache too. You can get yours at, you guessed it, The Christmas Shoppe. We have great […]

S'more Hats & Hobbies

Hello Fellow Christmas Lovers Hi, there! S’more the Elf here! When I look at this picture, it makes me want to dance! Y.M.C.A, Y.M.C.A-AY! But unless your father has a love for rock n roll, I’m already getting off track, and we’ve just begun this week! Must be all that sugar, hehe! 😉 I just […]

Collegiate Collections are Calling

Collegiate Collections are Calling!
They make great gifts for Father’s Day and Graduation. We are incredibly excited about our new Yeti style tumblers! So, drop by to check them out!

Happy Mother's Day from Rafael

Happy Mother’s Day from Rafael!
It’s been a very special day at The Christmas Shoppe today. I’ve gotten to meet lots of sweet mommas that we’re treated to a day on the town by their adoring kids and grandkids. Hope you got to drop by and be celebrated. If you would like to hear more about today and this week, check out my blog!