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Happy Mother’s Day from Rafael!
It’s been a very special day at The Christmas Shoppe today. I’ve gotten to meet lots of sweet mommas that were treated to a day on the town by their adoring kids and grandkids. Whether you are mom to a child from 9 to 92, to two legged or four legged babies, to children that are or aren’t yours biologically, all the elves wish you a very happy and restful Mother’s Day. We, also, hope you got to drop by our shop and be celebrated in person. We handed out free samples today of Naked Bee lotion to all the mommas who came in, while supplies lasted. It’s just our way of pampering.  I imagine after a long day of shopping, some lotion massaged into your tootsies would be a welcome indulgence.
In case you are wondering, I did get a Mother’s Day card out to my mom in the knick of time. I picked out one of our pop-up cards and tucked in a bathtub tea. I know she will be delighted! Being that she lives just over at River Road Park, the trusty mailmen (and mailwomen) were able to get it to her quickly.
In other news, I’m learning all about merchandising. This past week we moved a bunch of things around, creating a special sale area that will stay up for the rest of summer and setting up for our next big celebration: Father’s Day! Did you know that Boerne is one of the best places to bring your dad for Father’s Day? We have a whole parade and festival every year on Father’s Day weekend. So, bring Dad out for Berges Fest! It’s a bunch of fun for everyone, especially those who enjoy themselves some Oompah… or some beer… or some German heritage… or anything fried and served on a stick… or parades (my favorite!)… or fairground rides…. So, that should cover most of us.
I tell you what, all this moving of fixtures and merchandising has stirred up the dust in here. I hope we aren’t causing too many sneezing fits. It’s all part of the Spring Cleaning process. If you are curious to see the cuteness of a turtle sneezing, I recommend this video: Turtle Sneeze. Mrs. C. finds it incredibly amusing to watch me sneeze. So, I think we have plenty more moves in store to get ready in store for the holidays.