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Rafael’s Blog: Graduation!Memorial Day is just passed, summer is here, and young graduates are entering adulthood…

Happy Mother's Day from Rafael

Happy Mother’s Day from Rafael!
It’s been a very special day at The Christmas Shoppe today. I’ve gotten to meet lots of sweet mommas that we’re treated to a day on the town by their adoring kids and grandkids. Hope you got to drop by and be celebrated. If you would like to hear more about today and this week, check out my blog!

Rafael's First Blog

Rafael’s Blog:
Mondays got you wanting to pull your head in your shell? Visit me for a pick me up! Mondays are fun days on the Hill Country Mile! Visit our website,, for my first full blog.

Introducing the newest elf at The Christmas Shoppe

Introducing the newest elf at The Christmas Shoppe: Rafael!
He’s a red eared slider, and when he decided to take a stroll down Main Street, he had no idea we were hiring. Now, he’s a proud member of our staff. Feel free to ask to see him anytime.