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Introducing the newest elf at The Christmas Shoppe: Rafael!
He’s a red eared slider, and when he decided to take a stroll down Main Street, he had no idea we were hiring. Ela the Elf saw him outside, looking rather parched, and invited him in for a cool drink of water.  He’s a lot healthier after a couple weeks of nurturing.  He has, also, toured the shoppe, becoming more familiar with our gifts and decorations.  Turns out, we were in need of a friendly elf to take on the important task of blogging the latest news and happenings in store.  Now, he’s a proud member of our staff. Feel free to ask to see him anytime.
You can check out his video on our Facebook page, along with all our latest videos.
Also, be on the lookout for our new Blog Page, where you can view blog posts from Mr. C., Rafael, and any of our other resident elves!