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Hello Fellow Christmas Lovers

Hi, there! S’more the Elf here!

When I look at this picture, it makes me want to dance!

Y.M.C.A, Y.M.C.A-AY!

But unless your father has a love for rock n roll, I’m already getting off track, and we’ve just begun this week! Must be all that sugar, hehe! 😉
I just gave a little hint above, this week we start our talks about dads, and grandpas.
Father, Papa, Pops, Daddy-O, Old Man, Godfather, Grizzly, Fixer, Tata, Bonus Dad, Chief, Appa, Vader… The list goes on, because the truth is, these simple dudes are special. They mean the world to us & they work hard to give us the world.
Readers of all ages, please take a moment to reflect on the different hats the men in your life have, and do wear. Juggling hats is no easy feat!
*Professional Hat. Support: financial, steady. Sometimes this is a big sacrifice made. Police hat, Fireman’s helmet. Construction? Chef? Scientist?
*Hobby Hat. What does your dad enjoy doing in his free time? Did you get a chance to share some time with him doing those things together? Fishing, fixing cars, hunting?
Maybe the hat that you remember most is the silly hat!?
You know, when you hop on a T-Rex and yell, “Ye-haw!”

Sometimes the silly hats get us into trouble. And sometimes the silly hats bring out the hereos we admire most.

Stop into The Christmas Shoppe! We want to hear your favorite story about Dad! And with Father’s Day right around the corner, show those specials dudes you are thinking of them with a little gift. We’ve got just what the guy that needs not needs!

Join me again next week for more about dads & dudes!
See you at The Shoppe!
~S’more the Elf
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