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S’more Family Time

S’more Family Time Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Well, you know what time of year it is. Mom and Dad don’t need to wait for school to start again. In fact, now the grownups may be wishing for s’more family time. Well, I am here to help! The best way to work s’more family […]

S’more Halloween History

S’more Halloween History Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Hello, all my Halloween loving friends! You may not know this, but as soon as school starts, the elves start to think of Halloween. We just put our new Halloween Christmas tree scene in our front window. It’s got a very vintage look, which made me […]

S’more to Teach

S’more to Teach Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Sorry for the delay in posting! Things are crazy right now in the store, but I bet things feel pretty crazy right now for EVERYONE going back to school. That’s why I’ve got s’more to teach about a stress-free school year. First off… First off, I […]

S’more School Prep

Happy Fall

S’more School Prep! It’s hard to believe, but all the Boerne kiddos are heading back to school in less than a week! It’s a new beginning. That makes it a great time to reset, refresh, and renew – even if you aren’t a student or the parent to a student. So, your favorite elf on […]

S'more Learnin'

S’more Learnin’ I’m not new to times of s’more learnin’. With school starting, whether in person or online distance learning, I figured it was time for a back to school pep talk, inspired by… HARRY POTTER! Recognize the theme? That’s because it’s not new. Check out our blog from this time last year to hear […]

S'more School

Hello, Fellow Christmas Lovers! Greetings from the halls of Hogwarts! A few weeks ago I received a special owl post. It was my acceptance letter into a new class at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I could not believe it! I was selected as one of VERY FEW Scout Elves to learn about […]