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S’more Trends 2023

Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Now that Mrs. C. and I have a head a little breather, a little chance to do inventory, a little time at Market, we are ready share S’more Trends 2023!

We’re already planning the trees for 2023, but just for fun, here’s a look at our trees of 2022.

While we were at Dallas Market earlier this month, we kept an eye out for all the new looks. Here are some of our favorites.

Organic and Natural

It’s not just a food trend to go organic and all natural, it’s a Christmas trend. People like their home decor and Christmas decorations to be natural and organic, too. We found several trees at Dallas Market that we are getting our inspiration from this year.

Because Willow Tree matches this look so well, it will be nestled right next to one of these areas.

Over the Top

You may not know this, but the trees we see at Market are always a bit…. over the top. Our trees that we put up in our store are actually toned-down versions. There are lots of reasons to make things more simple, but this year, we noticed that this over-the-top-ness of the trees was kinda its own Christmas trend. So, we decided to embrace it!

Gnomes for Miles

Apparently, if a trend sticks around for longer than a few years, it’s no longer a trend. It becomes a tradition. Gnomes are no longer just a trend. They are going to remain popular for years to come. So, this year, we are doing another gnome look.

I’m pretty excited about this look just because it involves s’more trends, an unexpected Christmas trend for 2023, MUSHROOMS!

Mushroom ornaments are very old fashioned, but suddenly, they are on trend, too! It boggles my mind. Being over a hundred years old, I think this is pretty snazzy. Takes me back.


S’more trends 2023! Like the gnomes, food is still a super popular thing to decorate with. So, like last year, we have multiple trees planned to display all the food themed ornaments.

This pink peppermint themed tree is definitely going to be in our front window.

In fact, I may have ordered a ridiculous amount of food related ornaments for Christmas… I hope you’re hungry! ?

Here’s a tree we fell in love with that we haven’t even figured out where to put!

The biggest trend every year: MEMORIES

Traditional looks are not going anywhere. We will always carry the best ornaments to commemorate the memories of the year, and we will always have traditional tree themes that complement those memorable ornaments.

Just a quick reminder that all of our overstock from last year is on sale through the end of February.

It’s a great chance to stock up on decorations-I mean MEMORIES!-at 25-40% off! As you may have noticed some ornaments jumped in price this year (we hear some will drop in price in 2023). So, some items that are normally only 25% off will be 40% off for the first time EVER!

We, also, may have gone overboard with certain lines of everyday items like the things with sprinkles… ? So, even though they aren’t Christmas items, you will find them at 25% off! ?

S’more Updates!

Here’s what’s been happening that you may have missed. From featured sale items to new arrivals, this is where it’s at!

25% off all snow globes!

Our BIG after Christmas sale is going strong. ? Most of the store is 40% off, but some items like our snow globes would sell out before I could even place a reorder. So, they are only 25% off.

Check out our snow globes online, too! We can only do one level of discount. So, it’s 25% off all Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving items with discount code: SALE…/snow-globes/

Take it easy, but if you do peak outside your doors, we hope you will come see us. ❤️

Our sale is going strong!

With deals like these, our Radko ornaments won’t last long, but that’s okay because more styles are coming soon.

Looking for that perfect expression of love this Valentine’s Day?

Check out our speeecial cards designed by Mr. C himself! ? They are actual love notes written to Mrs. C. We picked the best ones and turned them into greeting cards.

? Mrs. C loves them. We think you will, too.

When we say our after Christmas sale is BIG, we mean BIIIIIIIIGG!!!!

All Mark Roberts are 40% off this year! Come snag this Santa before someone else does.

How’s your resolution treating you?


Tell me what would be in this lovely mug if it was yours. ? I smell coffee!

And, me… S’more Elf… I am full of PUDDING!

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Home is where you park it!

Looking for the perfect ornament to celebrate your (or someone else’s) newly purchased camper trailer??? ? We have just the thing!

Santa’s Camper Ornament – The Christmas Shoppe (

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Get a better discount when you shop in person!

Our funny inspirational socks by Kerusso are back in stock, and the best part is, we have picked SIX new styles of socks, including ankle socks. Yeah!!! ?

The Christmas Shoppe – “Jesus Guacs My World” Socks – The Christmas Shoppe (

? & ??

Why yes, please! These, ever popular, mismatched socks just arrived. Plus, more fun styles arrived, too! We think they make the perfect gift for your SO or BFF because just like pizza and beer, you were MFEO (made for each other). ?

Check out our full line of socks for all ages when you shop in store or online.

We’ve had a gnome invasion!!!!

Cute, little Easter bunny gnomes!!! ? Hop on by to buy one for somebunny you love. Hop to it! ? Gnome pun intended…

? Don’t tell Mr. C, but I only bought this so I could give him one for a gift.

Can you guess which song Mrs. C. has memorized from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland?

Actually, it’s two songs now that we think about it.

Click here to buy the Mad Hatter!

The Christmas Shoppe – Jim Shore A Spot of Tea Mad Hatter – The Christmas Shoppe (

Christmas ornaments aren’t just for Christmas, you know.

This beautiful ballerina would look pretty in pink on your Valentine Day tree.

Sleeping Beauty Ballerina Ornament – The Christmas Shoppe – The Christmas Shoppe (

Umm… we think you forgot something…

A Christmas Story village was sadly overlooked this last Christmas. So, it’s now on sale!

Shop in store or online here:

Be sure to use discount code SALE at checkout when shopping online, but we may have more selection in store. So, if you aren’t from these parts, try ordering by phone at 830-816-2176.

I don’t even wear glasses….

?S’more Elf

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All of me…

Loves all the gnomes!

Valentine’s items are NOW 40% off!

Love me, love my dog.

Then, give me pajama pants to show me that you recognize that there is only one who I can love most. ❤️

Our pajama pants are available in a bunch of breeds, but some of them are available online here: Boston Terrier Pajama Bottoms – The Christmas Shoppe – The Christmas Shoppe (

Feel free to call us to find out if we have something particular available.

☎️ 830-816-2176

What do you call a hamburger covered in beads?




A French Quarter pounder. ???

So, I just got back from a little trip through Mississippi to see my family, and I caught their first Mardi Gras parade of the year! I, also, caught a bunch of beads to decorate our register!

Fat Tuesday is February 21st! It’s time to get those decorations up, if you haven’t already, and we have just the things to help!

This sale will make you one spoiled pup!

All our nutcrackers are 40% off in store or 25% off online with discount code: SALE

Shop now: Doghouse Hat Nutcracker – The Christmas Shoppe (

Don’t wait! While the sale lasts until the end of February, the remaining selections will sell out.

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner

Love you mucho, Mr. C! ?

By the way, Cupid just flew in to drop off some funny little Valentine earrings. ? Now, that Valentine’s Day is in the rearview mirror, these too are on sale.

I need a pick me up!

Got the afternoon sleepies? You should come see us! All that fresh air would do good. It’s just what you need. ? “I’m only thinking of you, Bob.”

And if you know what I am quoting, we are definitely the store for you. ❄️?❄️

This is the time to get inspired!

January sets the stage for the whole year. What are you inspired to do this year? Can you guess what we are inspired to do based on this image? ??? Get ready to have your mind blown! ?

Silence is golden, but…




Duct tape is silver. ?

Our new funny signs are in, and we think they’re GROOVY! ✌?

After I locked up, I noticed this little Boxhead gazing at our nightlights. She looks pretty amazed by the glow!

You’ll be amazed by our discounts-40% off both the Christmas dolls and the nightlights!

Don’t know if you noticed, but I – @smore_elf – took a little break there from the posts and blogs and jive.

Well, the time has come to get back to awesome! Let’s start back on the right foot (not the left!!!!).

I hope you like this verse. It’s from the EASY version of the Bible. Yes, it’s a REAL thing. I just discovered it and hope you like it. ?



Some days can be hard, but our God is stronger!

We hope your day is blessed. ❤️

Never a dull moment around here!

The social media posts may be quiet, but we’ve been taking advantage of the cold weather (and slow traffic) by finishing up our inventory counting. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make inventory counting easy, but thank God, He’s always given enough grace to get us through.

Don’t forget how awesome you are.


And, don’t forget to come check out our awesome new signs.

God can do everything!

Someone needs to hear this tonight, I think.

Give me a like or a little love if you are liking this EASY version of the Bible. ❤️

Looking for a sweet gift for your sweet little one for Easter?

These earrings sets just arrived, and I think they are adorable for any age and any occasion!

? Think I will get our Easter display up by the weekend?

? Me neither!

Just be aware it’s starting to arrive!

Why do inventory? Mainly so we find all the things that were sold out on display and hiding in boxes – like this cute Turkey Gnome!

He’s 40% off! Stop by and snag him before he is truly gone.

I like my synonym rolls just like grammar used to make. And, I love our new funny signs that just arrived.

Our towels make me giggle! ?

The sass is real. We should love our neighbors, but there’s nothing wrong with loving from a distance? ? Especially if you are an introvert, like me.

Thanks for reading! You are one of the reasons we “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16) where it’s Christmas every day.

Love from,

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