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S’more Trends 2023

S’more Trends 2023 Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Now that Mrs. C. and I have a head a little breather, a little chance to do inventory, a little time at Market, we are ready share S’more Trends 2023! We’re already planning the trees for 2023, but just for fun, here’s a look at our […]

The Wild Berry Tree from 2016

The Wild Berry Tree from 2016!
Happy Sunday! Time for another reflection on our favorite trees from last year. This simple, yet stunning tree is known as the Wild Berry Tree and came about by chance.
I was originally planning a garland covered in berries and vines because I fell love with these simple berries in creamy white, apple green, and candy apple red. However, we had an old display tree without lights. Normally, we would relight the tree to use, but it looks so lovely and natural without them. We decided to decorate it, unlit, with berries, vines, pine cone branches, and just a few leaf shaped ornaments. This tree turned out elegant beyond expectations.