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25 Plus Easter Basket Gift Ideas with S’more

Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Hello, all my Easter loving friends! Long time, no see. Who’s looking for Easter basket gift ideas for everyone on your gift-giving list? Yay! We have just the thing – for a kid, for a friend, for a coworker, for a teen, for a mom, for a dad. Let’s take a look.

Before we do, though, I just want to invite you to The Golden Egg Hunt on the 15th and 16th of March this year.

Bring the kiddos to come visit me and several other shops along the Hill Country Mile. It’s a scavenger hunt for pink eggs hidden all over town. After you find 10 or more eggs, you can leave your contact information at one of the participating businesses to be entered to win The Golden Egg – a gift basket full of toys and Easter gifts, just like the ones I am talking about today.

For more information about The Golden Egg Hunt, visit the Facebook event page:

Get ready for awesome for the whole family!

That’s right! Easter baskets aren’t just for children. So, most of these Easter basket gift ideas are perfect for anyone, despite their age or your relationship. Easter is the perfect time to show the love of Christ. Whether the gift is inspirational or not, you can bring a little joy and show some loving kindness this year.

So, let’s take a look in The Christmas Shoppe’s Easter baskets…

1) These little inspirational tokens are selling fast because they are perfect to put in an Easter egg. They come with a Bible scripture quote on the back, too.

Unfortunately, these aren’t available in our online store, but if you can’t come shop in person, just give us a call. They should be easy to ship.

2) Our silly socks are the perfect addition to your Easter basket because of their fun colors. Unlike some Easter gifts, these can be enjoyed all year long.

Most of our socks are easy to shop for in our online store:

Socks – The Christmas Shoppe – The Christmas Shoppe (

3) A cute bunny pen is a fun gift for a teen, tween, or coworker. You could add it to a flower arrangement or stand it in a mug full of jellybeans as a fun and easy gift.

4) Speaking of mugs – we’ve got those, too! They can go IN the basket or BE the basket.

Shop in store or online for a fun mug in Easter theme or everyday theme…

Somebunny Loves You Mug – The Christmas Shoppe (

5) We are aaaaalmost sold out of this sweet Easter gnome figures. They should fit in a plastic Easter egg as a fun little surprise. Plus, they will bring a smile to someone’s face every time they see it catch the light sitting on their windowsill or desk.

If you are looking for a little Easter gift idea for someone in a nursing home – this would be perfect!

6) Our Christian t-shirts are a year-round fave for all ages. Sadly, they don’t come in children’s sizes, but for those hard to buy for teens (or moms), these would be perfect.

Visit us to see our full selection.

7) We have stuffed bunnies for your Easter basket, but why stop there? Know someone who loves boba tea or axolotls or kiwi or tacos or dinosaurs or mushrooms orrrrrr DONUTS?

I’m picturing a donut themed Easter basket with coffee mug, “Donut Worry” Christian shirt, donut socks, toy donut, and a little bag of their favorite donuts.

You know that would be ridiculously awesome!

8) I know… I’m a weird kid, but elves like to get ornaments in their Easter basket. There are several ones that would be perfect on an Easter or spring tree. Plus, they look so good in the basket, especially those ones with the sprinkles…..

9) After all those donuts and sprinkles, they might just need a cute Easter towel to clean up the mess. 😉

Shop the Easter towels here:

One Blessed Bunny Towel – The Christmas Shoppe (

I’m So Eggcited Towel – The Christmas Shoppe (

10) Encourage someone with an inspirational nail file. It’s a great Easter basket gift idea for teens, tweens, and adults to help them carry the meaning of the holiday through the year.

11) Looking for a sugar free chocolate bunny? These cute figures make the perfect Easter basket gift for someone who can’t or shouldn’t eat sugar. Talk about a sweet Easter decoration!

Chocolate Rabbit Ornament – The Christmas Shoppe (

We, also, have foil wrapped chocolate rabbit figures.

12) Cards are making a comeback! Our pop-up Easter cards make an excellent addition to any Easter basket.

13) We just got these fun puzzles! The wood puzzles are a great Easter basket gift idea for a baby, but the vintage map of Boerne and the Texas Hill Country is perfect for a teen or adult.

14) A cute little Easter sign is a fun thing to add to an Easter wreath or set out in your kitchen, on a book shelf, or a desk. Plus, they make a great addition to an Easter basket.

15) Okay, okay…. maybe you shouldn’t give a wine glass to a kid, but this would be a hilarious gift for an adult!

The back says: This used to be water.

Jesus Stemless Wine Glass – The Christmas Shoppe (

16) Cute little sitters for a cute little basket. Their dangle legs hang out of the basket or over a shelf.

17) Stand a little cross in your Easter basket. Whether for an adult or a child, these are a perfect Easter basket gift idea to celebrate the joy of Resurrection Sunday all year long.

We ain’t done yet people! Although, we did run out of time to take anymore photos. LOL. So, here are a few more ideas because we have 25 Plus Easter Basket Gift Ideas available in store!!! Phew! That’s a lot.

19) Angel Figures – We carry angel figures that aren’t just Christmas. Wouldn’t you love to see an angel figure in soft tones standing in the middle of a basket full of candy and eggs.

20) Books – Sure, you could go to a book store for some excellent Easter gift ideas. A Bible is a natural choice. However, we carry scratch and sketch books and finger puppet books to delight most kids.

21) Lotion – a small tube of Naked Bee lotion in Orange Honey Blossom is a usable gift for anyone tween and up.

22) Candle – several of our Lu Bella Candles make a nice big gift addition to an Easter basket gift, like Consuela, Creamy Brulee, and Macho Man (oh, my!).

23) Jewelry – we have the cutest little earrings and bracelets! Take them off their card backing and put them in an Easter egg for a pretty surprise.

24) Russian Nesting Doll – I bet you never thought of it, but our Russian nesting dolls look beautiful in an Easter basket.

25) Vinyl Stickers – our stickers are so sturdy that Mrs. C. puts them on her car! Plus they have fun inspirational messages to make them perfect for an Easter basket – “Wanna Taco ‘Bout Jesus,” “Be Still and Know,” “Catchup with Jesus,” and “Transformed Butterfly” just to name a few.

26) Small toys – We carry toys, now! Pick up sticks, gyroscopes, slime, ABC flash cards, and whoopie cushions are all available now for an Easter basket gift that will be enjoyed well beyond the holiday.
Toys & Games – The Christmas Shoppe (

27) Willow Tree figures – No matter your giftee’s age, a Willow Tree collection will be treasured for a lifetime. The soft tones make them a perfect Easter basket gift idea.
Willow Tree – The Christmas Shoppe – The Christmas Shoppe (

Phew! That was alot! We hope you feel inspired to “Celebrate Always” and with everyone this Easter season (I Thessalonians 5:16)!

Merry Christmas,

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