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2023 Cupid Christmas Tree

We’re ready for Valentine’s Day with the Cupid Christmas Tree! Are you? Yes, the candy canes are dipped for Chocolate Walk! The Valentine cards are stocked up! Hearts and love abound! Stop on by to buy something sweet for your loved one. Shop all our Valentine’s gifts in our online store: Valentine’s Day Gift – […]

2021 Twitterpated Tree

We’re counting down to Christmas 2022, and we are looking back to our Twitterpated Tree from last year! Get it? Twitter-pated! We combined our always popular cardinals and birds with all things love-y dove-y and hearts. To truly make this a showstopper, we swerved away from the all-natural and used a silver tinsel tree as […]

S'more Love

There are SO many things I LOVE about Boerne! There’s is always something fun to do! Tomorrow is the Boerne Chocolate Walk  & I couldn’t be more excited to see all of your SWEET, smiling faces at The Shoppe! In the spirit of #CelebrateAlways, I am taking this month to talk about LOVING ourselves, our […]

Happy Saint Valentine's Day from all the Elves …

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day from all the Elves here at The Christmas Shoppe!
Everyone’s favorite Elf, S’more, has a TON of good reading for you today!
More meaning of the holiday, fun facts and this day in history.
Head on over to the blog for some fun and head on over to The Shoppe for any last minute gifts or extras for your Valentine!

S'more Meaning Valentine

Hello fellow [Christmas] lovers! Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!  I may be a Christmas Elf but I know a little about a lot. And I know we LOVE all the holidays here at The Christmas Shoppe. We also love helping our customers find a special gift for their loved ones! S’more Meaning: St. Valentine’s Day falls […]

S'more Gifts Valentine

  Hello fellow Christmas lovers! Knock, knock! Who’s there? Sherwood. Sherwood who? Sherwood like to be your Valentine! 😉 I cannot promise you that will be the only corny joke today! Now let’s talk gifts for your Valentine! Do you have something already?  Maybe you need a little inspiration? I’m here to help! Everyone needs […]

Having a beautiful day

Having a beautiful day! We’ve been raising money for The Hill Country Daily Bread through OneHope out front and selling some awesome Valentines gifts and cards inside. Hope you can drop by! We’ll be here until 6.

I know

I know. We just put that fabulous post up with those tempting chocolate candy canes that The Christmas Shoppe will be handing out for Boerne’s Chocolate Walk, and you are thinking, “? Why?!? Why must you tempt me when the tickets are sold out?” But wait! There is hope! Two tickets remain and are available to some lucky two people. Click the post below to find out how to win!