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S’more Fiesta!

S’more Fiesta! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Spring is here! And you know what that means? It’s Fiesta time! How long does Fiesta last? This year, Fiesta is April 20-30th, but like everything we celebrate, it’s more like a state of mind than a specific season or date. So, there’s no reason to not […]

2022 Margarita Tree

Introducing the 2022 Margarita Tree! Cheers to 2022! Celebrate everything with this beautiful pastel 2022 themed tree inspired by birthdays and Fiesta! It’s our latest tree up and *fabulous* Full of fruity, spirited, pastel ornaments. Everything worth celebrating and worth using at a celebration. To give it that Fiesta feel, we’ve got a beautiful Fiesta […]

Succulent Garden Tree

Succulent Garden Tree Let’s keep moving through the store and see if I can get all of our 2019 themed Christmas trees blogged before Christmas Day! Maybe… Okay, probably not because we have six trees after this one and only 5 days to go. Oh, well! Today, I’ve got a beautiful tree, the Succulent Garden […]

Fa La La Llama Tree

The Fa La La Llama Tree is up and ready to Fiesta. Our latest tree is outrageous with bold colors, felt accents, cactus, succulents, and LLAMAS! Thank you for dropping by to check out our latest themed tree to be released. This tree was just as much fun to create as it looks. You can […]

The 2016 Fiesta Tree

The 2016 Fiesta Tree!
Aye yai yai! This was one hot tree! Like a piñata explosion!
Check out how we used the sarapé style table runners as “ribbon.” Poinsettias make a natural match with anything Latin. The giant sunflowers make such a bright topper, who needs a star?
Taking a cue from trees at Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery, we tied beautiful gifts, Day of the Dead skulls, and ceramic cross figurines onto the branches with green floral wire. Lastly, we draped angel ornaments resembling rosaries wherever, making this tree completely over the top!
Phew! Now, I need a siesta!