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S’more to Stuff!

S’more to Stuff! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s Good Friday, and I know what you’re thinking…. You forgot to make an Easter basket for someone! Don’t worry, we have s’more to stuff in that Easter basket. Don’t be a Basket Case Try not to stress too much, y’all. First of all, think outside […]

S'more Easter Blessings

S’more wants to bless your socks off! Hi, all! S’more the elf here! I would just like to take the time to wish you s’more Easter blessings from our family to yours. Mr. & Mrs. C., all the elves, and I hope your entire holiday weekend, eggs-pecially Resurrection Sunday are “hoppy”, joyous, and most of […]

S'more Miracle!

S’more Miracle! Hi there! S’more the Elf here! I have tried to imagine what a disciple would say to us today about the resurrection of Jesus.   I wondered if he might have a long speech about the importance of loving one another. Or begin preaching about our sinful nature and why it was necessary […]


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