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S'more to Care About

S’more to Care About It’s been quite the journey since the beginning of the pandemic! Now, there is s’more to care about because you care about our covid policies and just when we will start to phase them out. Well, I am the man with the plan! Or the elf with the plan… Or the […]

S'more Trick or Treat Safety

S’more Trick or Treat Safety We all know the usual trick or treat safety tricks, but S’more the elf on the shelf is here to treat you to s’more tricks for a COVID safe Halloween. Normal Halloween Safety You are so smart, you probably already know the usual ways to be safe, but let’s go […]

S'more Celebrations

Hello, Fellow Celebration Lovers! Today we are talking all about celebrations! Now, more than ever, the spirit of #celebratealways is important. The whole world is finally taking the time to stop and smell the roses. And for many of us, enjoying the little moments has opened our eyes to the moments we have been missing. […]