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Hello, fellow Christmas lovers!

S’more the [Mischievous] Elf here.
One of my favorite things about living at the North Pole is all the snow! No two snowflakes are alike! It is a beautiful truth, that we as people, share with snowflakes. Everyone is beautiful and unique! Every second of everyday is also beautiful and unique.
This week I played a little prank on my humans… tee-hee-hee! I unplugged the wi-fi and I noticed a few wonderful things happened!
Let’s talk about a few of the benefits you and your family could have when unplugging from the internet for a short time and plugging into your lives.
*You will live in the moment. Phones cannot replace the joy of laughing with a loved one! The joy of seeing the smile on their faces. Hold a hand and not your phone. Go smell the smells (Might I suggest pumpkin bread? It smells so holiday!) and feel the seasons changing around you!
*You will be more productive. Sitting in front of a screen, one tends to loose track of the time! Also, your mind cannot be 100% devoted to two things at once. Multi taksing is essential to our lives, but your brain fills in the gaps of the conversation you’re having when you are also scrolling on your phone. No one wants to be on the other end of a delayed response. At the North Pole we try to treat others as we would like to be treated!
*You may even experience some health benefits. Your eyes, wrists, neck and back will thank you for putting down the devices! Plus your heart will thank you too if you aren’t sitting still for long periods! Let’s all try to be good examples for the younger generations!
*Your relationships will be better with others. Phones are made for communicating with people but often result in a manner of avoiding them. Let’s use our phones and internet as a means to connect. Phones, laptops, tablets and computers are made to help your life not consume it!
Last week I shared with everyone about the key to happiness. Hopefully you took this humble elf’s advice and spent some quality family time together. It is truly one of my favorite things about the holiday season! What is your favorite holiday tradition, food, or memory? Let’s make many new memories with loved ones. Not only through these next few months and the holidays, but as a resolution for ourselves and our families through the new year.
This is a message all us elves feel strongly about! If you have an Elf at home they may want to disturb your WiFi connections temporarily too. 😉
~S’more the Elf
P.S. Are you are wanting to limit your screen time but not sure where to start? Most of your devices or their applications have settings for when and how to receive notifications. Take advantage of the “do not disturb” feature, silent mode, or even the power button!
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