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S’more Around Town!

Hi, all! S’more the elf here! As much as I loved staying home enjoying the snow, I am super excited that the snow has melted, the sun is shining, and I can go out and enjoy the world. Yup, I am a man about town or (ahem) a S’more around town.
First stop: Black Rifle Coffee.

Elf Approved Shopping

I love shopping at The Christmas Shoppe, but these are some of my favorites, too! Call it a S’more Shopping Bucket List, if you will. Will you?

“Oh! Mrs. C! Let’s start there! They have glitter!”

  1. La Te Da – Do you love glitter? I love glitter! La Te Da and Pixie are located just across the street and are like The Christmas Shoppe’s girly, pink, soul sisters.
  2. Pixie – Mrs. C. regularly shops for clothes here. Again, the glitter is strong with this one. Personally, I don’t need any women’s apparel in my closet, but I highly recommend it to all you ladies who like, you know, clothes and girly stuff and good prices.
  3. Kiss the Cook – I love food…. cookies, cakes, pies, candy, flan,…. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! This is wear I buy gifts for Mrs. C. so that she will make me food.
  4. The Boerne Bookshop – Just the other day was Dr. Seuss Day! I love to read Dr. Seuss books… and Lemony Snicket and C. S. Lewis and J. K. Rowling and Roald Dahl and Beverly Cleary and P. L. Travers… and you get the idea. The Christmas Shoppe tried carrying books for a couple years, but they didn’t sell very well. So, we are super glad to have a dedicated book store in Boerne, and it’s just across the street!
  5. Texas Gourmet Pantry – More food! Gift-y food! Mr & Mrs C. buy each other goodies for their stockings or Easter baskets from here. Melissa Stapleton is the owner, and she will even make you a cute basket!
  6. Handmade on Main – We love to shop here for all their sweet handmade gifts. We love the toffee popcorn and the crocheted stuffed animals. We kill the air plants, though. Sorry, plants.
  7. Epicure – Again… I go there for the food. O_O  …  I am blessed with a really good metabolism.
  8. Maker’s Place – Mr. C. and I like to go here to craft homemade gifts for Mrs. C. Everything is more special when it is homemade!

There are s’more shops around town to love, but these were the first I thought of.

Elf Approved Dining

Did I mention I love FOOOOOOD??? I do. Lovin’ that food big time. So, of course I must share my favorite dining locations in town. We regularly have guests at The Christmas Shoppe ask where to eat, whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, elevensies, lunch, snack, or dinner. It’s like I am a tiny, red-clad concierge to fit in your pocket. Where shall we dine next???

  1. The Dienger Trading Co. – first stop… PIE! This place has the best coconut cream pie. Let me tell you!
  2. Richter Bakhaus – Yes, it’s the perfect place to grab some homemade bread and get a latte with real latte art! They got barista skills!
  3. Salty & Sweet – The Clearys just announced that their baker is making specialty cakes for holidays and celebrations. Plus, they now have CINNAMON ROLLS! Oh, my.
  4. Cypress Grill – It’s a little bit fancy, but the food is very tasty. Mr. & Mrs. C. plan to eventually to there for their belated Valentine’s Dinner. Try the creme brulee!
  5. Mary’s Tacos – WHO WANTS BREAKFAST TACOS??? YOU DOOOOO!!! I recommend The Silent Shawn.
  6. Bear Moon Bakery – I mentioned brunch before. This is my favorite brunch place. Plus, I love to gaze longingly into their pastry case. Care for a scone?
  7. Dodging Duck – Tasty, tasty food with a relaxed porch to sit on and watch the ducks. You can’t go wrong with that burger.
  8. Epicure – In the mood for something out of the ordinary? They don’t just have gifts. They have a yummy deli in the back. I like the The Parisian, but Mrs. C. always orders the Viva Texas.

Then, again…

There are s’more food places around town I love!

What’s this?…

Yeah man, I’m cool, too.

So, Mrs. C. and I drive home past the Boerne Community Theater EVERY DAY! And, every day, this Three Brother’s Pizza food truck…. it calls us! Like the sea calls Moana. So, we had to try it for lunch the other day. Yulie the elf was working that day, too, but she wanted The Bubble Tea Factory. So, we went there, too!

I got cookie dough!!!

It was DELICIOUS! All of it! We got a stromboli, cheese sticks, and a vanilla malt from Three Brothers Pizza and a peach tea with passion fruit boba, a “Feeling Lucky” pineapple smoothie with rainbow boba, and COOKIE DOUGH (!!!!) from The Bubble Tea Factory. Check out the gorgeousness…


Of course…

My all time favorite place to be is The Christmas Shoppe. We’ve been so busy ordering, reordering, receiving new inventory, adding inventory to our online store, and creating spring displays. We are even going to be doing some construction projects over the next few weeks.

Why all the hub and bub? Well, this year happens to be the 25th anniversary of our business. So, we want to be spectacular! As a thank you, I want to give you a special coupon.

[button type=”btn_border” url=”” target=”” button_color_fon=”#ce0013″ ]shop now[/button]

We are, also, doing a monthly giveaway! Each month on the 25th, we are drawing a winner to receive an AWESOME prize. All you have to do is come in and spend $25 or more and fill out a drawing slip. This month, we are giving away an EPIC EASTER BASKET!

We even have a guest artist, Paul DeLuna, visiting monthly to work on a special painting each month to be released to the public on the 25th of the month. Here is January’s painting.

Don’t forget! This Saturday is the rescheduled ChOcoLaTe wAlK!!!

We are baking cookies, too, to giveaway to customers at check out instead of our usual Party Snack Table. We even found a way to giveaway cider makin’s for you to enjoy our special mulled cider at home.
Well, that was an adventure! I’m stuffed. Good thing I’ve got all these fabulous shops and restaurants to help me “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16).
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