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2023 Snowy Owl Tree

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… This lovely, themed Christmas tree from 2023 comes with all the frosting. It’s inspired by the concept of “hygge.” Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian concept that encapsulates a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being. Although there’s no direct translation, it’s about creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth through simple, everyday experiences.  […]

2023 Exotic Travels Tree

Bon voyage from our Exotic Travels Tree! Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right there… picking out decorations to capture the moments. For those who have been blessed to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, we hope you notice that we tried to replicate the look. Shop our decorations from around the […]

2023 Sequin Christmas Tree

This is The Sequin Tree! Everything on the tree is made of sequin. Everything near the tree is either covered in sequin or is related to the Nutcracker Suite. This beautiful tree would look good with any home decor, on a tree big or small. It looks beautiful as is, but it would look fabulous […]

2023 Sanctuary Christmas Tree

The Sanctuary Tree! Another tree is up and ready to inspire. This tree is inspired by those little country churches that are found nestled in the woods. What I love about it: The meaning! It highlights little chapels – A peaceful sanctuary from the world that emphasizes the meaning of Christmas. Pinecones Plaid Cardinals – […]

2023 Christmas Present Tree

The new Present Tree is up! Inspired by wrapping paper and packages and elves and grinches, this is a super fun tree. Hmm…. I don’t know… I think this tree needs MORE! Stop by sometime to see if we add anything to make this tree even more over the top! Shop all our toys in […]

2023 Tinsel Christmas Tree

Our Topsy Turvy Tinsel Tree is ready to shine, just in time for Diva Night on November 9th. We tried to bring on all the glam and glitter of the silver screen, and we think the Gathered Traditions figures and Mark Roberts fairies add the cherry on top. One more tree is in the works […]

2023 Messy Christmas Tree

Our Messy Christmas Kitchen is complete with Pink Peppermint Tree You think this will win us the Best Christmas Window display award? There’s actually a story about this corner. Last year a little girl was looking at our pop up Christmas cards and, having difficulty reading cursive, thought they said Messy Christmas. It was so […]

2023 Pebble Beach Christmas Tree

Ah… the beach… “Time you enjoy wasting is never time wasted.” Am I right? And our newest themed Christmas tree was definitely not a waste of time. Introducing the Pebble Beach Tree! This tree was inspired by all the blues and grays and sandy driftwood of a more northern beach. Think rainy, cool, misty seas […]

2023 Cupid Christmas Tree

We’re ready for Valentine’s Day with the Cupid Christmas Tree! Are you? Yes, the candy canes are dipped for Chocolate Walk! The Valentine cards are stocked up! Hearts and love abound! Stop on by to buy something sweet for your loved one. Shop all our Valentine’s gifts in our online store: Valentine’s Day Gift – […]

2023 Forest Gnome Christmas Garland

It’s our Forest Gnome themed garland on display over our main register. Everything you love about the forest and Nordic aesthetic and gnomes. Yes, this look is the trend that keeps gnoming and gnoming… I mean going and going. Actually, because gnomes have been popular for so many years (5, I think?), they are no […]