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S’more Fiesta!

S’more Fiesta! Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Spring is here! And you know what that means? It’s Fiesta time! How long does Fiesta last? This year, Fiesta is April 20-30th, but like everything we celebrate, it’s more like a state of mind than a specific season or date. So, there’s no reason to not […]

The season is here! Dust off the boxes! Everyone begins decorating the house, and yard. The “cherry on top” is the wreath on the door… but WHY!? (Follow the link to our website and find out the origin of wreaths.)
Stop by The Shoppe for your Fall and Christmas wreaths! Custom wreath making services too!
Oh! And did we mention,
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S'more Meaning Valentine

Hello fellow [Christmas] lovers! Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!  I may be a Christmas Elf but I know a little about a lot. And I know we LOVE all the holidays here at The Christmas Shoppe. We also love helping our customers find a special gift for their loved ones! S’more Meaning: St. Valentine’s Day falls […]