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S’more Tube!

S’more Tube! Hello, all my Christmas (and Halloween) loving friends! You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to! I made my own YouTube channel. Let’s call it S’more Tube, shall we? Let’s do. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting videos regularly on Facebook and Instagram. I even share them in my blogs at […]

S’more Spooky Fun!

S’more Spooky Fun! Hello, all my Christmas (and Halloween) loving friends! It’s October, and you know what that means??? S’more Spooky Fun is in the works! Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year, when all the fun events happen. So, read on to learn what all we have in the works. October […]

S’more Halloween History

S’more Halloween History Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! Hello, all my Halloween loving friends! You may not know this, but as soon as school starts, the elves start to think of Halloween. We just put our new Halloween Christmas tree scene in our front window. It’s got a very vintage look, which made me […]

Silly Saturdays with Santa ?? …

Silly Saturdays with Santa ??
Halloween is less than a week away. We are killin’ it and open late until 8 tonight. Drop on by! ?
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