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2022 Hanukkah Christmas Tree

Drop it like a top! Our Hanukkah themed Christmas tree is lit! (Like a Menorah!) We knew blue and white and silver makes a statement, but when you add touches of gold, the tree goes next level. Am I right? So, this tree is inspired by blended families or Christian families exploring the Jewish roots […]

2022 Celtic Christmas Tree

Happy Friday, all! I hope today brings you joy. If not, I hope our new Celtic Christmas Tree will. Our latest tree is part of this year’s effort to “celebrate always” (I Thessalonians 5:16) by incorporating major holidays into several of our “Christmas” trees. Our plan is that this green and gold tree will transition […]

Swan Princess Tree

Swan Princess Tree The Christmas Shoppe is proud to present its first themed tree of the 2019 Christmas season… The Swan Princess Tree! Christmas in July may seem early to you, but we are in the midst of receiving our big shipments. So, now is the time for us to begin decorating for the holiday […]

The Flight Tree

The Flight Tree!
Just 42 days until Christmas!!! Do you think we can get all our trees done on time? The Flight Tree has taken wing. So, let’s take a look at this flight of fancy.
Golds and coppers and rose golds are taking center stage on this fantastical upside down tree. Yes, it is upside down. No, it is not a new thing. Trees have been upside down for winter holidays since the birth of Christmas because it just looks so amazing this way. A live tree might last longer upside down, if you could figure out the logistics, but our artificial tree is designed to stand on its tip!
Every year we wow our shoppers with this tree. This year, we used soft colors and florals to created a look that matches any season. The feathers, birds, bees, and stars capture the essence of flight as they hang magically from the tips of the tree branches.
This modern and unusual look will not be found in your average home. So, those who are looking for a fresh and different look might want to consider replicating it at home. However, golds match so many looks that shoppers with traditional tastes should peruse this tree for individual elements that can add a touch of whimsy to simple red and gold look.