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The Flight Tree

The Flight Tree!
Just 42 days until Christmas!!! Do you think we can get all our trees done on time? The Flight Tree has taken wing. So, let’s take a look at this flight of fancy.
Golds and coppers and rose golds are taking center stage on this fantastical upside down tree. Yes, it is upside down. No, it is not a new thing. Trees have been upside down for winter holidays since the birth of Christmas because it just looks so amazing this way. A live tree might last longer upside down, if you could figure out the logistics, but our artificial tree is designed to stand on its tip!
Every year we wow our shoppers with this tree. This year, we used soft colors and florals to created a look that matches any season. The feathers, birds, bees, and stars capture the essence of flight as they hang magically from the tips of the tree branches.
This modern and unusual look will not be found in your average home. So, those who are looking for a fresh and different look might want to consider replicating it at home. However, golds match so many looks that shoppers with traditional tastes should peruse this tree for individual elements that can add a touch of whimsy to simple red and gold look.

The Posh Penguin Tree

The Posh Penguin Tree!
It’s Sunday, and you know what that means… a new featured tree just for you! The Posh Penguin Tree is now up and decorated in plenty of time for our Fall Diva Night on November 9th.
This glitzy tree is inspired by a tree we saw in the Select Artificials, Inc. showroom at Dallas Market. It’s a show stopping combination of diva red velvet, charcoal black, snowy white florals, and icy silver rhinestones.
The key to taking this tree over the top is that we started with a silver tinsel tree. Anyone interested in replicating this style or creating a bright and different look should seriously consider investing in a tinsel tree. They are a bit more expensive than traditional pine trees but worth every penny. Unlike tinsel trees from the 60’s, these come prelit and look much fuller. Right now, we have them in stock along with several varieties of traditional trees.
Baby, it’s cold outside! So, we wrapped our tree with red velvet ribbon and poinsettias that have just a touch of glitzy silver glitter on their edging. Next, we added flocked and iridescent florals to give that polar feel. The ball ornaments are red velvet, snowy white, and red glass.
To make it Posh, we sprinkled the whole tree in items a diva desires: big, shiny packages, jeweled icicles and snowflakes, and red nail polish and lipstick ornaments.
At the North Pole, they sure know how to have a good time! A liberal dose of penguins and other polar inhabitants are frolicking, partying, and dancing all over this tree.
Our plush penguin migration has landed here, too! So, everyone can have their own little penguin to love and play with for Christmas.
Like what you see? Call or drop by to make a purchase and get the look for yourself.
Wanna watch us in action? Our how to video is coming soon!
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The Sweetheart Tree

The Sweetheart Tree!
Another beautiful day to share another beautiful tree. Last week’s tree, the Starry Night Tree posted a little late on Monday morning. So, if you haven’t seen it, be sure to look back through our posts for that beautifully inspiring tree. In the meantime, enjoy the details of the sweetest themed look of 2017, our Sweetheart Tree!
Romantics will love each detail! We festooned the tree with rich reds and cream pearl whites. Berries and poinsettias add floral notes. Cuddling cardinals perch on its branches and court on various style ornaments. Lastly, we sprinkled hearts throughout the tree like confetti!
Searching for a gift for your love, your bride, or a couple’s gift? This is the nook to find the perfect gift! Many of these items will remain in stock through Valentine’s Day. The Christmas Shoppe is the perfect place for gifts and decor for any holiday!
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The Starry Night Tree

The Starry Night Tree!
The Christmas Shoppe is proud to present its latest themed tree: The Starry Night Tree!
This beautiful tree will take your breath away. It’s designed to represent the starry night sky over Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.
We used royal blue and striking white with sprinkles of silver. Notice our topper. We have several toppers in stock every year. So, we picked silver stars and a pearl and silver cross to group at the top, backed by bows of royal blue.
The bright whites come from a beautiful ribbon, soft and clean poinsettias, and angel wing ornaments. Glass ornaments filled with silver glitter proclaim the reason for the season: “Silent Night, Star Above, Blessed Gift of Hope &I Love.” Large wooden ornaments look dipped in blue water color and pronounce, “For unto us a Child is born!”
Lastly, we scattered the tree with pretty birds, acrylic stars, and glass icicles. We have hand chosen beautiful nativities to compliment such a look. These nativities are simple, elegant, and bright.
Come by soon to check it out and find treasures to make your own beautiful tree.
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The Cartoon Tree

The Cartoon Tree!
Time for another Sunday Special Unveiling!!! Let me introduce you to our very awesome Cartoon Tree!
This tree is one big YIPPEE screaming your kid’s name… or your grandkid’s… or your husband’s. ? Actually, it might be calling YOUR NAME!!! ?
Ok! So, this tree is an explosion of your favorite cartoons and fun colors! We have Emojis, Minions, My Little Pony, Spongebob Squarepants, Sesame Street, Shopkins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Hello Kitty!
It may not be totally obvious in the pictures, but this look is all done on a table top wall tree. If you’ve never seen one, it’s basically half of a tree that can be hung on your wall. We have a few available for purchase, but they do not come with lights. We added those.
For a tree topper, we used one of our fun emoji pillows and a few sequin sprays in blue and green. Honestly, the best part of this tree to replicate at home is the fabulous rainbow glitter ribbon! Zoom in on a few pictures to see it. The ribbon’s color is perfect to match with all our fun cartoons. It would look good on a girly tree, too. How many of you know a young princess who wants or has their own Christmas tree?
Naturally, we have several gifts in store to match the tree. So, drop on by to find the perfect gift or ornaments for your funny little cartoon lover.
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The Country Kitchen Tree

The Country Kitchen Tree!
The Country Kitchen Tree is just the first of our Sunday Special unveilings. We have several amazing trees for Christmas 2017 that will be revealed over the next few months.
So, check out the first of many! This is the perfect tree for a ranch style home, warm and cozy, sweet and sassy with Southern charm. Check out all that red and white check! It’s not just in the ribbon. It’s in the rope edged poinsettias! Those little mason jar ornaments look perfect on this tree and won’t last long. They have fun phrases, are easily personalized, and only cost $3.99 each!
There is a definite farm feel with this look. We have cows, pigs, horses, and chickens. Not only that, we have their feed bags and some well chosen puns and fun quotes to bring on the sass.
Craving cotton for your year round decor? This is your stop. We, also, have anything Texas themed, western themed, and farm themed right near this window. Looking for a Boerne souvenir or some bluebonnets to take home. They may not be on the tree, but they are close by.
All in all, this is a pretty spiffy tree. Hope you can come by and see it in person.