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All kidding aside, I am like the rest of Boerne, the rest of the country, the rest of the world, I suppose.  I am feeling really lonely with the Boerne shut down. I can’t physically visit so many of my favorite businesses & hang out spots around town. OF COURSE, I am still shopping small and local because so many offer curbside service or have an online store that ships (like us), but I can’t hang out and visit and hug everyone. I even miss having a good, game night with my friends.

As things started out, I was excited for the time to unwind and I had a great big “to-do” list to accomplish. Anyone else feel like this year’s Spring Cleaning may be the most deep clean EVER???
Flying to The North Pole EVERY night sure is fun, and I am one of the speediest flyers around, but it does take up a certain amount of my time. Now that trips are limited to essential staff only, and Scout Elves have most of our essential work at the end of the calendar year, I had more free time.
First, I watched my favorite movie, Elf, about one million times. And as much as I love that movie, I found myself longing for the sunshine & needing more stimulation.

If you are anything like me, you are looking for some ideas that will suggest the spirit of togetherness, keep the family entertained, and give you a much needed break from the TV. I have compiled a short list of ideas for celebrating Easter and getting some social interaction with folks despite being physically apart.

  • Anyone heard of the bear hunts happening around town?

    • It’s a really cool idea of how to befriend your neighbors while social distancing. Place a bear in your window at home and when a family takes a walk together, they search for the bears in the neighborhood.
      Well, The Christmas Shoppe has decided to have a contest for all the kids in town. Every day, Tuesday through Saturday, until we reopen, the bear will be moved to a new spot.
      All you have to be entered to win the bear is: Like our account. Like this post.Bring your kiddos (or yourself) by the store and snap a picture of our bear.Post your picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Chalk art

    • Let your creativity EXPLODE on sidewalks and fences for neighbors to view while they are out walking, especially Easter related art, encouraging verses, or the Roman Road.
  • Rock painting

    • Maybe you want to dye eggs but if eggs are hard for you to come by, you can always find some rocks to paint. or you can paint happy pictures or inspirational words to leave about for others to see & smile.
  • Try one of Mrs. C’s recipes.

  • Cruise Main Street.

    • We know a creative group of ladies who decided to do an 80’s style cruise. Because everyone remained in their vehicles, they were able to practice social distancing while seeing each other and even talking across a parking lot!

  • Old Fashioned “Read a Book” game 😉 Tee-Hee!

  • You’ve been egged!

    • You can host an egg hunt for your neighbors’ by hiding eggs in their front yard (with one egg being empty to remind them of the empty tomb). Be sure to sanitize hands while filling eggs and before hiding them and leave a message on their door like the one above.


Speaking of “egged” The Shoppe is offering some egg-sanely awesome Easter baskets that have been specially curated. Custom baskets will be composed upon your request! THE BEST IDEA HATCHED ALL WEEK!

What have you been doing to keep this not so usual life of ours operating “as usual”? I would love to hear from you. I love getting emails and messages on Facebook and Instagram!

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Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow!

And, a very happy Easter from all the elves at The Shoppe & of course, me, S’more!

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