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Hello, Fellow CLEAN HOUSE Lovers!

Have you recently realized the opportunity for “spring cleaning” has passed you by?
Have you been watching Hoarders so you can feel like your house is exceptionally clean?
Have you been wishing you had magic sprinkles to make quick work of cleaning your house?
This blog if for YOU!
This year has been nothing short of… um… irregular. The humans in my life were once used to a more regular cleaning schedule.
I have found some tricks that will make cleaning quick. Might feel like magic, its so easy!

Snake the drain.
Why did it have to be “snake the drain, S’more”??
Oh, well.
Duty calls.
S’more answers.
Posted by S’more Elf on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

S’more’s Top 5 “Like Magic” Cleaning Tips

  1. Use an old pillow case to clean the blades on the fans. Just insert the blade into the sack, apply pressure to the top and bottom of the blades while pulling the pillow case off  & the dust falls right into the sack! Repeat on all blades.
  2.  Swish your toilet with your brush every day. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it only takes a “like magic” 3 seconds to save a lot of elbow grease when you do it sporadically.
  3. Take advantage of the dishwasher to clean items. You can also use a mesh laundry bag and clean in the washing machine. Toys, flip flops, hairbrushes. So many items that are being overlooked.
  4. Deordorize sofa/dogbeds/carpet with baking soda. Human version of magic sprinkles!!! 😉 Sprinkle surfaces with baking soda, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up.
  5.  Use liquid toilet bowl cleaner to clean your trash cans! It will fight through things that are stuck on and stinky and things that are grimy and slimy…

Tips for When Company is on the way

  1.  Start with your front porch. A quick sweep can go far for the first impression of your guests.
  2.  Make your bed! An untidy bedroom can look neater with a made bed, but even the tidiest room will look messy if the bed is unmade.
  3.  Use duck tape for crumbs, dog hair, dust, cobwebs… duck tape is so handy! I use it for a lot of my shenanigans! Tee-Hee!
  4.  Keep an empty basket under the sink in the bathroom or anywhere that you might need to quickly declutter a counter top when company is on the way.
  5.  And Finally, light a Lu Bella candle or use Aromatique – Certain smells will help company think the house was recently cleaned. 😉


Everyone knows glitter is hard to clean up. If you’re living an elf lifestyle, you have no choice but to ebrace the glitter. We eat glitter! It runs through our veins! Tee-hee!
YOU can clean up glitter using play dough. 😉
If you have kids or are doing projects with glitter, you probably have play dough hanging around, too!
Hope these ideas help you to “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16).
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