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Hello Fellow Christmas Lovers!

In our last chat, we featured some of The Shoppe’s sweetest offerings!
In the next few weeks, we will be talking about life’s sweetest people, moms. Because one day is not enough time for all the love and praises they deserve, over the next three weeks we will share, reflect and talk about ways to spoil our sweet, sweet mothers.
THIS week I want to talk about the unconditional love and acceptance only a parent can give. Of course, we are talking about mothers this week, but always remember the unconditional love given to each of us from our Father above.
I have had the great pleasure of meeting Santa’s mom. She comes to my mind when thinking about this topic. She deserves a little extra attention.
Do you think that she is disappointed about the fact that her son is unemployed for all but one season of the year? Or do you suppose that she focuses on the generosity and joy he spreads on the night when he makes so many wishes come true?
Does she solely worry about his health and excess weight? Is she concerned about all the milk and cookies he consumes in one night? Or do you think she sees that her son hearty is comfortable with the body that he has been given?
Is she concerned that fame will go to his head and that he will lose touch with his family? Or is she pleased her son’s work allows him to balance work and family in a way that works for them?
Does she wonder if her son is truly happy when the rest of the world has forgotten about him for the better part of a year? Or does she recognize his happiness must come from within, not from outside sources and the fame he has acquired?
Does she sleep at all on Christmas Eve as she worries about weather conditions, visibility and working long hours without a break on his solo trip around the world? Or does she trust that he will make it home safely as he has done all the years prior, with Rudolph guiding the way and his vast amount of experience navigating his sleigh?
Does she judge her son for what he does or doesn’t do? Or is she quietly at peace with herself for being a small part of raising someone so selfless, so generous and jolly?
Does she look at her son and see a little of her own father in him? Is she grateful for the challenges that he has overcome to make him into who he is?
I think that Santa’s mom must be pretty pleased with the man her son has grown into.
I think all moms feel blessed to have their children. At times, we all look in the mirror and feel like we’ve let ourselves, our loved ones, down. But our parents, our moms, are there to remind us we are loved.
Remember the strength of your mother. Her grace. Remember your mom sometimes feels that way too. Show her that she is also unconditionally loved.
The Christmas Shoppe has many gifts inspired by and specially chosen for your mom this Mother’s Day.

These gifts and many more at The Christmas Shoppe. Let the elves help you find something meaningful for the special ladies in your life, moms!
~S’more the Elf
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