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S'more Spring Symbolism

Easter & Spring Symbolism With S’more EASTER BUNNY: The tradition of the Easter bunny, or Easter hare, is German in origin (Like Boerne). The Easter bunny is kinda like Santa, rewarding the children that are good with candy and eggs. 🙂 Because of the great fertility of rabbits, and because they breed in the spring, […]

S'more Defrosting!

Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! Snow in March!?! No! All this lovely, warm spring weather is making me want to spring clean, and that means…. DEFROSTING THE FREEZER! Yes, we have an old freezer at The Christmas Shoppe. Yes, it does get this frozen over. Yes, it is all better now. I hope you are having […]

Spring Diva Night is just a month away

Spring Diva Night is just a month away! Check out the huge list of shops participating on the event page! Any updates to the list will be posted here.

Our Willow Tree inventor has already almost …

Our Willow Tree inventor has already almost doubled in size as our spring items are beginning to flow in! Some old favorites and some new 2017 designs! All beautiful and all right here at the Christmas Shoppe! And don’t forget our sale of 25%- 40% off all Christmas Items is still going on!