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2023 Sanctuary Christmas Tree

The Sanctuary Tree! Another tree is up and ready to inspire. This tree is inspired by those little country churches that are found nestled in the woods. What I love about it: The meaning! It highlights little chapels – A peaceful sanctuary from the world that emphasizes the meaning of Christmas. Pinecones Plaid Cardinals – […]

S’more Traditions: For the Birds

S’more Traditions: For the Birds Hello, all my Christmas loving friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared the tradition behind an ornament. So, I have s’more traditions to share with you today. Today, I will be sharing the traditions and legends behind the beloved bird ornaments! Happiness & Joy! One of my favorite ways […]

2018 Woodland Tree

This Woodland Tree from 2018 is berry-rific (we know) and inspired by woodland cardinals. I absolutely adore trees that are overflowing with floral items, like this. It’s especially beautiful when branches and berries stick out really far from the tree. Check out all our themed trees HERE.

2021 Twitterpated Tree

We’re counting down to Christmas 2022, and we are looking back to our Twitterpated Tree from last year! Get it? Twitter-pated! We combined our always popular cardinals and birds with all things love-y dove-y and hearts. To truly make this a showstopper, we swerved away from the all-natural and used a silver tinsel tree as […]