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Origin of Wreaths

10 Weeks Until Christmas

The season is here! Dust off the boxes! Everyone begins decorating the house, and yard. The “cherry on top” is the wreath on the door… but WHY!?
The word ‘wreath’ is derived from an English word meaning to twist, such as in a circle.
Some believe that initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory.
In the early 19th century a tradition began to lay evergreens or flowers shaped into wreaths [or crosses] on graves to honor the dead. Family members would then bring them home to use as decorations.
Christmas wreaths are another tradition that has been around for a long time. Traditionally created from fresh evergreens. Since evergreens are green year-round, they were the obvious choice during the winter months.
In Christianity, the Christmas wreath was used to symbolize Christ. The circular shape, with no beginning or end, represents eternity or life never ending. The wreaths were typically decorated with candles. (More on Advent) On Christmas Eve, a candle was lit to symbolize the arrival of the Light of the World – Jesus Christ.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this joyous holiday tradition with your friends and relatives this year?
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~S’more the Elf