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S’more Cleaning

Hello, Fellow CLEAN HOUSE Lovers! Have you recently realized the opportunity for “spring cleaning” has passed you by? Have you been watching Hoarders so you can feel like your house is exceptionally clean? Have you been wishing you had magic sprinkles to make quick work of cleaning your house? This blog if for YOU! This…

S’more Summer 2020

Hello, Fellow SUMMER Lovers! Why did The Sun go to school? …to get brighter! I have been to Elf School & even honorary classes at Hogwarts but nothing compares to the congrats that students of all ages deserve for succeeding despite the challenges of 2020. (& A BIG APPLAUSE to the parents and teachers!) CONGRATS…

S’more Cooking

Hello, Fellow Cookie AND/OR Pizza Lovers! I just cannot! I cannot decide! Do I love… cookies… or… pizza more?? AHHHH!!!! Today is BOTH National Chocolate Chip Day &&& National Pizza Day. I was trying to figure out which day I wanted to celebrate first. I should start with my favorite, of course! BUT, which WAS…

S’more Celebrations

Hello, Fellow Celebration Lovers! Today we are talking all about celebrations! Now, more than ever, the spirit of #celebratealways is important. The whole world is finally taking the time to stop and smell the roses. And for many of us, enjoying the little moments has opened our eyes to the moments we have been missing….

S’more Staying Home!

S’more Staying Home! I’ve been spending a s’more time outside while doing s’more staying home thanks to a certain pandemic. So, welcome to the backyard! Ahhh, Springtime! So much GREEN! I like green. Green is a good Christmas-y color, too! What’s YOUR favorite color? The Whomping Jasmine in our backyard is growing like crazy! Mr….