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S'more Countdown

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! With November already upon us, December is fast approaching. The scents and sounds of the holidays fill the air! The official Christmas countdown is: Because I am good friends with Santa, I could not resist this funny pop culture reference. But today I would like to share with you ways to…

S'more Popcorn Ball Cannonballs!

S’more Popcorn Ball Cannonballs!   Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! And, a big hello to fellow Halloween lovers! Have we got an awesome recipe for you! We, also, have a ghoulish deal for our friends. So, read all the way through to the bottom of the screen! Yes! I rode home in Mrs. C’s bag last…

S'more the Elf is at it again

S’more the Elf is at it again! Take a few minutes to read his newest blog! …then go enjoy the rest of your night with some loved ones! 😉


Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! S’more the [Mischievous] Elf here. One of my favorite things about living at the North Pole is all the snow! No two snowflakes are alike! It is a beautiful truth, that we as people, share with snowflakes. Everyone is beautiful and unique! Every second of everyday is also beautiful and unique….

S'more's Key to Happiness

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! Here’s a riddle for you: What never decreases by being shared? Happiness! My life as an Elf has taught me many things. Flying to and from the North Pole every night, the most important thing I’ve seen as one of Santa’s Elves is happiness. Also as a helper Elf at The…