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Join S'more at The Christmas Shoppe tonight for …

Join S’more at The Christmas Shoppe tonight for Diva night! Check out his blog celebrating friendship and then head on over to The Hill Country Mile for after hours fun with friends!

S'more Girlfriends

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! Tonight is Diva Night on The Hill Country Mile. Us Elves are known to have a good time! So, I’m donning my pink feather boa and a festive beverage – I’m ready to stay out late tonight! The only thing missing is the company of all my friends! So grab your…

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming! Join S’more The Elf on the Shelf in his Christmas countdown as he shares tips for a spiritual season.

S'more Countdown

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! With November already upon us, December is fast approaching. The scents and sounds of the holidays fill the air! The official Christmas countdown is: Because I am good friends with Santa, I could not resist this funny pop culture reference. But today I would like to share with you ways to…

S'more Popcorn Ball Cannonballs!

S’more Popcorn Ball Cannonballs!   Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! And, a big hello to fellow Halloween lovers! Have we got an awesome recipe for you! We, also, have a ghoulish deal for our friends. So, read all the way through to the bottom of the screen! Yes! I rode home in Mrs. C’s bag last…