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S'more Cocoa for Santa

HELLO FELLOW CHRISTMAS LOVERS! There’s only ONE thing I can think of that gives me warmth like going home for Christmas. Only ONE thing that brings happiness like the hugs from your family. Only ONE thing that my good friend Santa likes more than a cold glass of milk… whoa! “More than milk?”, you ask….

S'more The Elf LOVES SNOW

S’more The Elf LOVES SNOW! The Christmas Shoppe will be using a litttle Christmas magic making it snow in Boerne, TX this weekend during the Dickens on Main celebration. Find out more about this and other family activities on The Hill Country Mile.

S'more SNOW

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! As a part time resident of the North Pole, I LOVE SNOW! The Christmas Shoppe will be using a little Christmas magic and it will be snowing here in Boerne! If you ever had the chance to experience Boerne’s Annual Dickens on Main weekend you may be familiar with the random…

Give S'more Thanks

Hello Fellow Christmas Lovers! Celebrate! Give Thanks! But WHY do we celebrate Thanksgiving? We all know the basics, right? Pilgrim guys and gals and Native Americans joined together to be thankful for a great harvest. They had turkey and all the trimmings. The end. Kind of, that first time, in 1621, they didn’t call it…