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S'more Gifts Valentine

  Hello fellow Christmas lovers! Knock, knock! Who’s there? Sherwood. Sherwood who? Sherwood like to be your Valentine! 😉 I cannot promise you that will be the only corny joke today! Now let’s talk gifts for your Valentine! Do you have something already?  Maybe you need a little inspiration? I’m here to help! Everyone needs…

S'more Resolutions

Howdy fellow Christmas lovers! Is everyone making progress on their new year resolutions? What did you resolve to do in 2018? Spend more time with family? Learn something new? Start a new hobby or collection? Get & stay organized? Loose weight? Work out? …Maybe your goal this year is just to be a healthier version…

S'more Vacation Pics

S’more Vacation Pics!
We made a small road trip to visit MORE family while on vacation. Best part: I got to have a whole king bed to myself!

S'more Pampering

S’more Pampering!
Yesterday, we posted our New Year’s Eve fun. Check out what we did New Years Day! We got pampered and went shopping. What do you think of the nail color I picked for Mrs. C.? We may have found a fun new tradition for our family!