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2016 North Pole Whirlwind Tree!
Last, but not least, we are happy to present our North Pole Whirlwind Upside Down Tree! Every Sunday, we have been showing off our favorite themed trees from last year. It’s sad, but this is our last one. Good news is that we’ll be showing off our new 2017 themed trees next Sunday! Woohoo!
More bad news: I have only two pictures of this tree, one submitted by a shopper. I bribed her child with a cookie to get the picture. Well, not really, but a child and a cookie were involved with this shot.
So, prepare for a really great description of this tree to go with very few pictures. This was one of our very first trees of the year and the result of throwing a whole bunch of leftover decorations on our fabulous upside down tree. Mr. C. said it looked like a Christmas tornado!
Notice the elf hanging off the side. That “ladder” is actually a garland which we hooked into the tree a few times going vertically down the tree. Then, we used green floral wire to tie the elf’s hand and foot to the “rungs” near the side ropes. The neat thing about umbrella trees is that most of what you hang on them, hangs straight down, creating neat effects like this.
We used fun, felty, fabric-y items in red, lime, and snowy white. Everything went in every direction. We don’t have a picture, but we had two really cool posable plush deer on the tree near the top. One was kneeling on the top branches. The other was hung just below with fishing line with legs spread in a giant flying leap. We placed a plush elf on its back (hanging with fishing line to keep it steady), while other ornaments, figures, garland, and ribbons hung down with random abandon.
Another interesting thing is that we used an ornament spray tree topper. It’s basically a bundle of metal sticks of various lengths that splay out. Since the tip of this tree is at the bottom, we stuck them out of the sides of the tree, hanging balls from them at various lengths. One day we may use this topper correctly, but this was not the day!
This tree is still up, if you want to check it out in person, but it’s not long for this world. A new tree is already planned to take its place!