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S’more Pampering

S’more Pampering!

Yesterday, we posted our New Year’s Eve fun. Check out what we did New Years Day! We got pampered and went shopping. What do you think of the nail color I picked for Mrs. C.? We may have found a fun new tradition for our family!

Away I fly

Away I fly!

Because it’s Christmas every day at The Christmas Shoppe, S’more rarely heads home to the North Pole, but he is taking a small vacation with Mr and Mrs C. Instead of his regular blog, we will share some pictures of his grand adventures.

So, S’more will not be on display at the shoppe this week, but you can still drop by and see what the rest of the gang is up to and enjoy some amazing after Christmas deals!

S’more Days of Christmas

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! If you thought since Christmas was over, I would fly back to The North Pole to stay then, you’re a silly goose! ♫♪♫ six geese a-laying, fiiiive golden riiiings… ♪♫♪ I have the very special honor of being the Scout Elf for The Christmas Shoppe, “Where it’s Christmas Everyday!” Plus, I have…

S’more & St. Nick

 Hello fellow Christmas lovers!  This blog is inspired by the scavenger hunt held at The Christmas Shoppe last week. Congratulations again to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who paticipated! It’s official! Christmas crunch week is here! If you’re an Elf, that means extra studying to pass our test of Christmas Spirit. That’s…