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Thank you, Avery

Thank you, Avery!
Your suggested name for our elf won in our drawing. He is henceforth known as S’more! Have fun with your gingerbread house kit. If you add some blue candy, you can decorate it for July 4th!

Open Late Hot Rod Nights!

All the elves are excited about participating in Hot Rod Nights in Boerne!
Starting July 8th, we will be open late, until 8:00! So stop on by!

We Won The Thumbs Up Award

We Won The Thumbs Up Award!
Our goal was to raise $50 in donations for Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center, but we almost made it to $65! Way to go, everybody! The Christmas Shoppe has matched the shoppers donations, too. So, that is a pretty good chunk of change. Our award will be on display at the front register until mid-July!