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S’more Glory in the Haus

S’more Glory in the Haus! Our latest blog by S’more the Elf is now up. Click here to read about #GloryHaus ornaments and climbing trees.

S’more Glory!

Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! Do you love to climb trees? I DO! This hanging tree of Glory Haus Ball Ornaments is especially fun! We are so proud to carry this line of ornaments. The mission of Glory Haus is “Community transformation that glorifies the Lord and changes lives through our work, art and relationships.” These…

S’more Decorating

S’more Decorating! We are talking floral decorating in our latest blog. Check out what S’more the Elf has to say by clicking here!

S’more Happiness

S’more Happiness!Our latest blog by S’more the Elf is up and AWESOME! We just like smiling. Smiling’s our favorite! So, what makes you happy?