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1The Flamingo Tree ~
Happy Sunday, you beautiful people! Remember, ladies, thigh gaps are for flamingos. Be a mermaid and eat the cupcake. ?
Then, be flamingo pink fabulous when you decorate for the holidays! This tree marries the colors of a beach at sunset with feathers, cocktails, and flirty sea life. We wrapped this tree in fun, pink, feather boas. Then, we bedecked it with our favorite beachy ornaments. It’s that simple!
The entire look is inspired by a single ornament, a glittery, blown glass concoction of a flamingo with an outrageous flooffy feather tail! However, the ornaments that truly make this a knockout of a tree are the disk shaped ones with pink poinsettias, gold mermaid silhouettes, and shell filled Christmas sentiments. Don’t overlook the gold glittered star fish, pink-tailed mermaids, fancy glass fishes, and tiny glass cocktails that add that extra touch of fun.
Visit us again next Sunday! We still have three more trees to unveil.
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