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The Candy Cane Tree!
With all our big after Thanksgiving doings, we forgot to upload the last two themed trees for 2017! So, without further ado, our second to the last tree is The Candy Cane Tree!
Time for peppermint dreams and candy cane wishes. This tree is dripping in candy canes and peppermints of all shapes and sizes. I don’t know about you, but I think a flocked tree is best to highlight the simple red and white look.
Another cool feature of this tree is what we did along the bottom branches. We lifted this tree up on a table and hung bunches and bunches of candy canes from the bottom. Like sweet, sweet icicles, they create a different look.
For our topper, we used a lit candy cane yard stake! We, also, made a big bow of red and white striped ribbon.
This is a fairly simple tree to replicate at home. The main key is to use lots of the same looking ornaments. With the flocked backdrop and oversized ornaments, you won’t have to pack on a ton of expensive ornaments to create the look.
Perfect for a baker or to add whimsy in your kitchen, these colors will match well with most year round decor. The fun signs, nutcrackers, and Santa figures in this area will tie the whole look together in your home. A lot of the items are great gifts, too!
Visit us again next Sunday to see the final theme unveiling of 2017!
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