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The 2016 Texas Farm Tree!
Another Sunday, another look back at last year’s best trees. Now, I have a secret confession. I, Mrs C, am not a country western fan. I have nothing against people who are, but I don’t listen to country music, dress country, or decorate country at home. So, it is very difficult for me to get excited about a western look Christmas theme. BUT, we ALWAYS have one. So, I rely heavily on the trees I see at Dallas Market Center to design for this theme.
Last year, I saw this tree at Market and fell in love! Look at that great star on top! It is designed to be reminiscent of a weather vane on top an old red barn. The farmer who matches this tree is pretty no nonsense. He loves his red bandannas, his red barn door, his acres of cotton, and his corrugated tin roof. You will find all this and more delightfully tucked into the rustic branches of this tree. We especially love how the tin stars are laying flat on top of branches. They look great that way.
This is the perfect tree for a ranch house or anyone with a farm house look. Merry Christmas, Y’all!