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Take me to your leader! ?
Newly arrived from planet Aurora: these plushies are the snuggliest aliens around.
Maybe it just comes from thinking Christmas thoughts 365 days of the year, but I can’t resist a super soft stuffed animal (or monster). They make great gifts for just about anyone and just about any occasion.
These aren’t our only plush items to have just beamed in. We have baskets full of dogs, cats, horses, armadillos, longhorns, jackalopes, Easter bunnies, mermaids, emojis, and classic teddy bears. My favorite part is when I have an armload full of new plushies to put out on the display. It’s one of the best hugs ever!
Personally, I like to add a stuffy to most children’s gifts that matches the child as much as possible. For example, not every Easter basket should be full of bunnies, chicks, and chocolates. Sometimes a bright basket full of fantasy, rainbows, and glittery items topped with a unicorn plush is perfect for that tween who is so hard to impress (between Pixie and our shop you can find everything you need to make this happen). Maybe you know a young woman who could use all the pampering a mermaid such as herself deserves. So, pair an inspirational beach sign, bath items, and high quality confections with a shell accent pillow to show her the love.
Then, there is that very special moment when a child comes in and finds their new love. Nothing compares to the look on a child’s face when he or she finds their favorite lovee. It’s a privilege to know we played a part in the matchmaking, and one more child knows they are loved through a simple holiday gift.
Mrs. C.