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S’more Good Everyone knows it’s better to be on the nice list than on the naughty list! The best sure fire way to get on the nice list is by doing good. When we work at doing good, peoples’ dreams can really work. So, I am here to share some awesome ways you can do […]

There’s room for everyone on the nice list. …

There’s room for everyone on the nice list.
~Sunday Inspiration from S’more the Elf on Shelf
We hope you are being extra nice. Sure, Santa is watching, but being nice just makes the world a better, happier place. We can’t be perfect all the time, and we can’t make the world perfect by our actions. But, we can do our little part to be the good. What did you do today to make someone’s life better? #inspo #inspiration #s’moretheelf #elfontheshelf #nicelist #thechristmasshoppe #boerne #pumpkinspice