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Hi, all! S’more the elf here! After all the hub and bub of the holidays, the elves and Clauses tend to crash in January, but now it’s FEBRUARY! Know what that means? Time to hustle! There is so much s’more to do!
Yup, you may have wondered why we seem so quiet lately. Well, we are like ducks on the river. All the action is where you can’t see it.
Why should you care? Because our hard work involves lots of upcoming events and fun holidays for you to enjoy!

Let’s get ready for next Christmas!

Well, that’s our job you know. We are ordering the bulk of our inventory right now, and we are behind schedule! However, some of our orders are already starting to arrive.

Mrs C normally goes to Dallas Market in January to order a lot of stuff for the store, but she was exposed to COVID-19. So, she came home and self quarantined until she knew she wasn’t sick or carrying it. She’s been ordering remotely as fast as she can, but it takes a lot longer this way.

Clean! Clean! Clean!

All the elves are chipping in to organize and clean the store right now. We’ve been doing inventory to make sure our computer is super correct, organizing drawers and shelves and storage, dusting and cleaning.

1… 2… 3… ….161 foam donuts! I love it!

Now, what are we forgetting to count???

Did you know that spring cleaning is associated with Lent and Ash Wednesday? It’s true. Not only are we encouraged to clean up our lives for Lent by giving up something that might hurt our relationship to God, we are encouraged to clean up our homes as well! And Ash Wednesday is coming soon! FEBRUARY 17TH!

It’s a lot like way the people of Israel clean their homes before Passover. Dust and dirt are compared to leavening and sin because it gets everywhere. So, to prepare for Passover, you get rid of every bit of sin, leavening, dust, and dirt that may be hanging around.
You know us elves, we “celebrate always” by celebrating almost everything. So, lots of cleaning going on right now.

Let’s get ready for s’more holidays!

Thanks to coronavirus, a lot of stuff has been cancelled, but there are still a plethora of holidays and events on the horizon. While the events may be smaller than usual, there are several that are still happening! Yay!

  • In order to get ready (and help you get ready), we updated our “Upcoming Holidays” page for you to check out. It’s your go to spot to discover what s’more there is to do.

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  • This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! Got your snacks figured out? If you want to make something, we have lots of good recipes, including a few favorites for parties below.

  • We are, also, dipping candy canes in chocolate for ChOcoLaTe wAlK!!! (If you didn’t snag a ticket to Chocolate Walk on February 13th, be on the lookout on social media because several places are doing giveaways!)

    We are baking cookies, too, to giveaway to customers at check out instead of our usual Party Snack Table. We may even find a way to giveaway cider makin’s for you to enjoy our special mulled cider at home.Here are two of our happy elves that help us make your treats – Smarty Marty Elf and her little sister, Vicki Vanilla Elf.

  • And, there’s s’more to do! Because it’s time to get ready for EASTER, too! Be on the lookout as we start putting out NEW Easter gifts and decor.

Well, that was an adventure! I’m exhausted already. Good thing I’ve got a King Cake from Bumdoodler’s to help me “Celebrate Always” (I Thessalonians 5:16).

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