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Hello, fellow Christmas loving friends! Ready for S’more school?!?
Can you believe it? We are already 4 weeks into the school year! I hope you are all learning lots this year. In elf school, the first thing we learn is that learning is fun. New ideas to ponder! New thoughts to think! New things to try to do! New you! New world! Why? Because every new thought that enters your head can influence your view of the world, your behavior, and your character. And, even the little things you do can impact the world around us.
So, you are sitting in school, learning about sea life. You learn the sea is full of awesome creatures! They help keep life in balance by their very existence, from kelp to juvenile pompanos to sharks! Your view of the world may shift so that you consider how your actions can impact the really cool sea life. So, you decide to prevent trash from getting to the oceans by not using straws or by recycling shopping bags or using reusable shopping bags. Next, your character grows, and you become more caring about lots of things. Then, before you know it, you are a grown up doing something BIG that makes the world a better place.
I suppose that is why a guy named John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” (We learned that on Pinterest) Maybe he said that because everything you learn impacts you for life. Education continues through your whole life, too, even outside of school. So, be curious and look for things to learn about so that you can influence who you become by what you know.
Hey, Mom & Dad! You should reward your kids for having an awesome first month of school. They are doing awesome with all that learning. We have a few suggestions of course:

Oh, by the way! Another awesome part of school is being able to see your friends every day. That reminds me, my friends just got back! We have a plethora of Elves for your Shelves in stock for adoption. They can’t wait to be reserved for arrival in your home on Thanksgiving. Moms and dads should come buy your family elf before they are all taken!

See you at The Shoppe!
~S’more the Elf


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